Render Safe Sets, Kits & Outfits (RS SKO)
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The Render Safe Sets, Kits & Outfits (RS SKO) consist of both Commercial Off-The-Shelf and government off-the-shelf solutions. RS SKO provides the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) technician with enduring, sustainable and lightweight capabilities supporting reconnaissance, threat detection, identification, diagnostics, render safe/neutralization, and incident evaluation and control. It also mitigates gaps associated with Counter Explosive Hazard (CEH) and Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) mission sets.

Enhanced mission support capabilities provide extended/enhanced endurance and force protection for EOD personnel in dismounted operations in both complex and austere environments. RS SKO consists of non-developmental items to reduce fielding time and reduce research and development costs, allowing Technical Refresh, or rapid materiel updating through Technology Insertion.


RS SKO will provide enduring, sustainable, lightweight, reconnaissance, detection, identification, diagnostics, render safe/neutralization, incident evaluation and control, and enhanced mission support capabilities to increase an EOD team’s endurance, force protection and mission success while primarily supporting dismounted operations in complex and austere environments.


  • Detection of buried low and high-metallic targets, carbon rod based improvised explosive devices, non-metallic conducted devices, and short and long wires
  • Detect and localize radiation sources generated by manmade devices such as nuclear weapons, improvised nuclear devices or radiological dispersal devices using gamma and neutron radiation technology
  • Diagnostics and identification of trace amounts of explosives, chemicals and drugs using field confirmatory Mass Spectroscopy
  • Diagnose internal components of EH with digital X-ray processer/imager
    Incident evaluation and control using low-light visual augmentation system, Unmanned Aerial System for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance and payload delivery (3 pounds threshold), and electronic countermeasures
  • Final disposition and render safe is a multipurpose explosives/tools initiation device
  • Power management controller/device uses automated power generation, distribution and scavenging


1QFY19: Capabilities Production Document Approved and Catalog of Approved Requirement Documents number issued


4QFY19: Milestone Development Decision
1QFY21: Milestone C
2QFY21: Contract Award
4QFY22: Initial Operational Capability