Handheld, Manpack and Small Form Fit (HMS)
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Handheld, Manpack and Small Form Fit (HMS) develops and produces affordable networking tactical radio systems that meet the requirements of the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force and Special Operations Command (SOCOM), and are interoperable with specified radios in the current forces. HMS is a family of networking tactical radio systems, including the 1-channel Rifleman Radio, the 2-channel Manpack Radio and the 2-channel Leader Radio that are interoperable with specified radios in the current forces.


HMS provides joint interoperable connectivity to the tactical edge and to the most disadvantaged warfighter with an on-the-move, at-the-halt and stationary line-of-sight and beyond-line-of-sight capability for both dismounted personnel and platforms. The radios are scalable and compliant with modular software communications architecture, enable net-centric operations, operate multiband and multimode, and deliver reliable, secure tactical communications.


  • Leader Radio: Two channels — Soldier Radio Waveform (SRW), Single Channel Ground and Airborne (SINCGARS) and Trellisware Waveform (TSM)
  • Manpack Radio: SRW, SINCGARS, TSM, Ultra High Frequency Satellite Communications and legacy waveforms


FY16: Manpack Full Rate Production (FRP) vendor
source selection
FY17: Leader Radio and Manpack Radio Contract Award
for testing
FY18: Low Rate Initial Production (LRIP) for Manpack Radio
4QFY18: Anticipated LRIP for Leader Radio


1QFY19: Manpack and Leader Radio Operational Test
3QFY19: FRP for Manpack and Leader Radio
FY20-FY23: Continued deliveries of both Manpack and Leader Radios


  • Leader Radio: Thales Defense & Security, Inc. (Clarksburg, MD); Harris (Rochester, NY)
  • Manpack: To be determined.
  • Manpack Radios: Rockwell Collins (Cedar Rapids, IA); Harris (Rochester, NY)
Handheld, Manpack and Small Form Fit (HMS)