Transportable Tactical Command Communications (T2C2)
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Transportable Tactical Command Communications (T2C2) provides expeditionary robust voice and data communications in the early phases of joint operations and in later operational phases at the tactical edge. The air-jumpable/air-droppable T2C2 Lite and T2C2 Heavy high-bandwidth satellite terminals provide early entry forces with beyond-line-of-site access, via satellite, to the Army’s tactical network, which provides the critical mission command capabilities and situational awareness necessary to conduct early entry operations and set the stage for follow-on force actions. In more mature operations T2C2 Heavy provides high-bandwidth tactical network extension to company level and small forward operating bases. T2C2 Lite is designed to support the communications needs of small teams with specialized missions in potentially austere locations.


The expeditionary T2C2 provides satellite capability to small detachments and teams operating in remote locations without network infrastructure, enabling them to securely relay critical and time sensitive information, increasing the situational awareness for the entire operation. By taking advantage of either military or commercial satellite capability, the system greatly increases throughput over currently fielded capability.  Because the T2C2 solution is inflatable, it can provide a larger dish size, with increased capability and bandwidth efficiency, in a smaller size, weight and power (SWaP) profile compared to currently fielded satellite terminals. These highly expeditionary inflatable satellite antennas provide the commander with increased operational flexibility and speed in maneuver.


T2C2 Lite (V1):

  • Transportable by two-man team with rapid setup
  • Supports two user defined enclaves: (NIPR/SIPR/Coalition Secret) and a Colorless Core enclave
  • Three user access ports per user enclave
  • Tri-band (X, KU and KA bands) for increased flexibility

T2C2 Heavy (V2):

  • Supports three user defined enclaves (NIPR/SIPR/Coalition Secret) and a Colorless Core enclave
  • Transportable in five hard sided transit cases
  • 16 user access ports per user enclave
  • Tri-band (X, KU and KA bands) for increased flexibility


  • Currently being fielded to Army units, including the Maryland Army National Guard 58th Expeditionary Military Intelligence Brigade (MIB), III Corps and the 504th MIB.
  • Supporting deployed Soldiers from the 2nd Security Force Assistance Brigade (SFAB) and 4th Infantry Division (ID).


  • Continued fielding events, including the 173rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 207th MIB, 1st SFAB, and the 4/25 ID
  • T2C2 is supporting the 2019 Cadet Summer Training at Fort Knox, KY


GATR (Huntsville, AL)
L3 Technologies (New York, NY)
Pacific Star (Portland, OR)
CodeMettle (Atlanta, GA)