Warfighter Information Network – Tactical (WIN-T) Increment 3
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The Warfighter Information Network – Tactical (WIN-T) Increment 3 provides the fully integrated network operations (NetOps) capability to allow seamless integration of tactical network planning, management, monitoring and defense for the Signal Staff. NetOps will be provided as a technical insertion to WIN-T Increments 1 and 2 for fielding and support.

WIN-T Increment 3 provides enhanced NetOps software packages that support NetOps convergence activities across WIN-T and the Lower Tactical Internet to meet the Army’s Convergence goals and Common Operating Environment interoperability. It also brings advancements in monitoring, control and planning tools to ensure effective management of emerging voice, data and internet transport networks, as well as improved information assurance and Network Centric Enterprise Services. Inherent software modernization occurs through ongoing technical refresh within the WIN-T family of programs.

WIN-T Increment 3 also provides waveform management and modernization with the new Highband Networking Waveform version 3.0 for line-of-sight communications, and the Net Centric Waveform version 10.x for increased throughput capability for beyond-line-of-sight satellite communications.


These NetOps improvements simplify the management of the network, and increase the automation of tools and reporting. The effort will also increase visibility for the warfighter across the network to make communications systems easier to install, operate, maintain and defend — key elements to supporting an agile Future Force.


  • Improved beyond line-of-sight satellite communications via next generation Multi-Frequency Time Division Multiple Access Net-Centric Waveform supporting data rate increases for large terminals
    • Next generation line-of-sight Highband Networking Waveform version 3.0 available to other programs via the Joint Tactical Networking Information Repository


  • Prime: General Dynamics (Taunton, MA, and Sunrise, FL)
  • Subcomponent: Lockheed Martin (Gaithersburg, MD)