Call For Fire Trainer, Increment III (CFFT III)
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The Call For Fire Trainer (CFFT) III family of systems provides institutional and rapidly deployable observed fire training for Fire Support Specialists, Joint Fires Observers (JFO) and other Soldiers. The system provides training to conduct Indirect Fires, Precision Targeting, Close Air Support, Close Combat Attack (deliberate and hasty attack), and Naval Surface Fire Support. CFFT III provides the capability for Army, joint, multinational and Special Operations Forces to conduct advanced, complex and realistic fires training.


CFFT III provides Forward Observers, JFOs and all Soldiers with training in the methodology for calling for indirect fires and close air support as force equalizers. CFFT III is a critical training enabler to support Soldiers in applying precision targeting to prevent fratricide and minimize collateral damage.


Two Basic Configurations:

  • Classroom: One instructor to 30 students
  • Transportable: One instructor to four students, and one instructor to 12 students

CFFT III with Joint Close Air Support Modification Kit will substitute for two Live Type I, II and III Day/Laser Close Air Support calls for Joint Terminal Attack Controller sustainment

Operates in stand-alone mode as well as network capable

Supports classified training up to the Secret level

Simulated Military Equipment includes:

  • Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System
  • Pocket-sized Forward Entry Device

Provides virtual terrain databases including Fort Sill, Oklahoma, the National Training Center, Afghanistan and Korea

Modular-system architecture allows for integration with other simulation systems


1QFY16: Bold Quest 15.2 – Test interoperability with Joint Fires Simulators
4QFY15-FY18: Technical refresh of the Classroom and Transportable Systems


1QFY19: Technical refresh of the Classroom and Transportable Systems
4QFY19: Transition to Sustainment


  • Nova Technologies (Panama City, FL; Orlando, FL)
  • TJ, Inc. (Christmas, FL)