Force Protection Systems
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Force Protection Systems consist of the following components:

Automated Installation Entry (AIE): AIE is a software and hardware system that provides enhanced security through credential verification and authentication, personnel vetting and establishing permissions for Army installation access.

Battlefield Anti-Intrusion System (BAIS): BAIS is a compact, modular, sensor-based warning system that can be used as a tactical stand-alone system for small units. It delivers early warning and situational awareness information based on proven, fielded, seismic and acoustic sensors and modified commercial off-the-shelf components; and classifies detections as personnel, vehicle, wheeled or tracked intrusions. BAIS provides a sizable increase in sensor density and depth to allow increased situational awareness.

The Lighting Kit, Motion Detector (LKMD): LKMD is a simple, compact, modular, sensor-based early warning system that provides programmable responses of illumination and sound.


AIE improves guard force efficiency by automating access control processes for personnel entering an installation and by increasing accuracy of credential vetting. BAIS and LKMD provide early detection and warning by enhancing force effectiveness as well as increasing situational awareness for small tactical units and bases.



    • System provides continuous vetting of credentials against federal data and interoperates with a defense enterprise capability to enable data sharing among Army installations, the Joint services and other agencies
    • Can immediately adapt to threat condition changes and employ applicable restrictive entrance criteria
    • Scalable architecture accommodates small, medium and large sites
    • Autonomously reads and verifies personnel credentials
    • Interfaces electronically with the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System


    • Consists of a hand-held monitor and three seismic/acoustic sensors
    • Provides coverage across a platoon’s defensive front (450 meters)


  • Modular, tactical ground sensor-based early warning system
  • Enhances unit awareness and force effectiveness during all types of operations and environments, including small-scale contingencies and Military Operations in Urban Terrain as well as high-intensity combat



    • TBD


    • L-3 Communications-East (Camden, NJ)


  • URS Federal Services, Inc. (Germantown, MD)