Joint Service Aircrew Mask - Rotary Wing (JSAM — RW) MPU-5
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The Joint Service Aircrew Mask – Rotary Wing (JSAM — RW) is one of five variants in the JSAM Family of Systems that provides individual respiratory, eye and head protection against Chemical and Biological (CB) warfare agents and radiological particulates for aircrews of all rotary wing aircraft except Apache. JSAM RW decreases thermal burden as compared to legacy systems. It also provides CB protection during the full spectrum of rotary wing operations including flight, immediate maintenance operations, extended flight-related ground duties, and ground escape, as well as evasion operations.


JSAM RW provides the warfighter with an above-the-neck CB protective respirator for general purpose rotary-wing aircrews. The mask is capable of being donned and doffed while in flight, provides greater comfort, less physiological burden and greater flexibility of use with man-mounted systems.


  • Protection against CB warfare agents and radiological particulate
  • Compatible with appropriate life-support equipment across various aircraft platforms
  • No aircraft modifications required


1QFY17: Achieved Full Rate Production (FRP) for U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force (USAF)
4QFY17: Achieved JSAM RW USAF Initial Operational Capability (IOC)
3QFY18: Achieved FRP for U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps
2QFY17-3QFY18: Fielded 527 of 1,114 masks to the USAF

  • Anticipate achievement of JSAM RW USAF Full Operational Capability (FOC)
  • Anticipate achievement of JSAM RW IOC for Army, Navy and Marine Corps


FY22: Anticipate achievement of FOC for Navy and Marine Corps
FY23: Anticipate achievement of FOC for Army


  • Avox Systems (Lancaster, NY)