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The Joint Service Transportable Decontaminating System Small Scale (JSTDS-SS) M26 provides the military and first responders with a lightweight, transportable decontamination system. It uses water from any source—fresh, still or salt—and offers variable-pressure and high-pressure operating modes. The JSTDS-SS can be used to decontaminate people or equipment; for cleaning, personnel showers and laundries; and for field hospital use. Weighing only 560 pounds, the JSTDS-SS can fit in a standard truck bed and requires minimal operator training. Two people can set it up in less than 15 minutes.


The JSTDS-SS M26 supports the warfighter by sustaining a system to decontaminate current and emerging threats.


  • System will be transportable by a nondedicated platform (i.e., High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle and Trailer, Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles and Trailer) off-road over any terrain
  • Decontaminate Chemical Warfare Agents (i.e., Nerve-G, Nerve-V and Blister-H) on tactical vehicles and crew-served weapons below detection levels of M8 detector papers within five minutes of contact time after exposure to a 10-grams-per-square-meter challenge-level attack
  • Will have a reliability of greater than or equal to 89 percent


  • DRS Technologies (Florence, KY)