Close Combat Tactical Trainer (CCTT)
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Close Combat Tactical Trainer (CCTT) is designed to provide Infantry, Armor, Mechanized Infantry, Cavalry and Armored Reconnaissance crews, units and staff with a virtual, collective training capability that will increase and sustain readiness. Soldiers train using full-crew simulators, mock-up command posts and live battalion command posts to accomplish their combined arms training tasks. Units can conduct multiple platoon-level training events, or company and team collective training up to battalion task force level. CCTT allows for up to 32 simultaneous, independent exercises.

CCTT has three subsystems: CCTT, Reconfigurable Vehicle Tactical Trainer (RVTT) and Dismounted Soldier Training System (DSTS). The CCTT system consists of computer-driven, manned-module simulators replicating the many fighting vehicles found in close combat units. Semi-Automated Forces (SAF) populate the battlefield with computer-generated friendly and enemy entities that work interactively with the manned modules. These simulators and SAFs are connected via a local area network to provide real-time, fully interactive, collective task training on computer-generated terrain.

The RVTT component complements the CCTT family with a representation of a wide variety of wheeled vehicles. It supports Infantry Brigade Combat Team, Airborne, Rangers and Special Forces units as well as improvised explosive device-defeat training.

DSTS is a virtual trainer focused on the individual Soldier and squad-level training that combines gaming technology in a virtual, 360-degree training environment using untethered weapons. It provides an immersive training environment of an extensive variety of dismounted Soldier tasks.


CCTT trainers allow inexperienced Soldiers to gain critical experience, confidence and tactical knowledge in a realistic, but safe environment, which translates directly into increased effectiveness in live training and combat operations.


  • 7 CCTT/Reconfigurable Vehicle Simulator fixed sites
  • 7 CCTT mobile sites
  • 11 RVTT fixed sites
  • 12 RVTT mobile sites



  • Completed divestment of DSTS
  • Began fielding Bradley Fire Support Team upgrades

1QFY17-3QFY18: Source selection evaluation for Manned Module Modernization Contract

2QFY18: Contract award for CCTT Post Deployment Software Support re-compete


  • Award trailer support contract
  • Completion of CCTT concurrency contract
  • Completion of 18.2 installations
  • Complete Foreign Military Sales Australia Letter of Agreement


  • CCTT re-accreditation
  • Contract award for Manned Module Modernization


  • 1QFY19: Completion of 19 installations
  • 4QFY19: Prepare for transition to Sustainment
  • 1QFY20: System transitions to Sustainment
  • 1QFY21-4QFY23: System divestment


  • Lockheed Martin Training and Logistics Solutions (Orlando, FL)
  • AVT Simulation (Orlando, FL)
Close Combat Tactical Trainer (CCTT)