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The Command Post Computing Environment (CPCE) provides an easy-to-use common operational picture (COP) through a single mission command suite of software operated and maintained by soldiers. CPCE provides server hardware that hosts a comprehensive suite of software applications and services upon which warfighting functions can be converged and future applications can be built.

CPCE strives to eliminate stove-piped legacy systems and provides an integrated, interoperable, cyber-secure and cost-effective computing infrastructure framework for multiple warfighting functions. CPCE’s acquisition goals include acquisition agility, open system architectures (OSAs), reduced lifecycle costs and a cyber-hardened foundation for applications and services.

The CPCE program is structured in formal two-year Increments of development, test, and fielding. Increment 0 is the current approved version being fielded. Increment 1 is undergoing development and a fielding decision is planned for 4Qtr FY21.


  • CPCE has been optimized through Developmental Operations (DevOps) to improve responsiveness, add briefing capability and implement network management tools. Additionally, to improve system performance and to mitigate unnecessary data flow over constrained tactical network transport bandwidth, program managers and developers are working to address underlying data analytics, data dissemination and federation associated with the use of CPCE. These major efforts will be key focuses of Capability Set 23 development.
  • The latest Tactical Server Infrastructure, or TSI, hardware is being fielded to units receiving CPCE. More than 200 TSIv2 systems have been fielded and are providing various improvements over the legacy Battle Command Common Services server stacks including an 800-pound weight reduction, a 50 percent reduction in setup and teardown time, and a reduction in the number of transit cases from nine to three, significantly increasing agility.
  • Divisions deploy CPCE at the tactical level
    • “Boots on the ground” that physically control a specific area of operation
  • Corps uses CPCE at the operational level
    • Managing a theater of operations
    • Likely to have joint and coalition forces


To date, Project Manager Mission Command (PM MC) has fielded CPCE software to 87 operational units and training organizations, which includes XVIII Airborne Corps Headquarters, 82nd Airborne Division Headquarters, 1/25 SBCT in support of their mission in Iraq, 1st Cavalry Division Headquarters and their subordinate sustainment brigade and DIVARTY, multiple Mission Training Complexes and Centers of Excellence (i.e. Cyber, Fires, and Aviation). PM MC will also begin fielding to III Corps the week of Aug. 3. III Corps fielding is the main effort in the upcoming Warfighter Exercise (WfX) 21-4 series of training events. CPCE fielding and training activities for additional WfX 21-4 units will begin 4QFY20. The schedule allows units to utilize CPCE in multiple command post exercises and risk reduction events leading up to the WfX.


FY19: Achieved Increment 0 Limited Deployment Decision
FY19: Achieved Increment 1 Milestone B Decision
FY20: Achieved Increment 0 Full Deployment Decision
FY20: Test & Evaluation Master Plan Update approved
FY20: Successfully conducted Maintenance Demonstration


FY21: Continuous Development/Security/Operations (DevSecOps) approach
FY21: Increment 1 Operational Assessment (OA)
FY21: Increment 1 Fielding Decision

Foreign Military Sales

There are no Foreign Military Sales of CPCE


• Systematic USA Inc (Software)
• General Dynamics Mission Systems (Hardware)
• Bowhead Business and Technology Solutions (Fielding/Training)


PEO Command, Control, Communications–Tactical | Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD ACAT II