Common Hardware Systems (CHS)
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Common Hardware Systems (CHS) acquire and support sustainment of highly flexible, cost-effective, common and simplified nondevelopmental Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Cyber, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance solutions. CHS improves battlefield interoperability and connectivity while garnering efficient competition and enabling the latest commercial technology solutions to be integrated onto the Army tactical network and Combat Systems.


The CHS program office enables the Operating Force through a holistic approach to acquire commercial Information Technology (IT), to include Commercial Off-The-Shelf IT and non-developmental items, utilizing the most effective and efficient means to meet program offices’ tactical and operational requirements. CHS also enables the Army’s crew-served tactical tracked and wheeled vehicles and command posts to gain the decisive edge on the battlefield by providing a reliable, robust and scalable command, control and communications intercom system. The CHS-4 and VIC-5 contracts provide the procurement mechanisms to meet Army and Department of Defense requirements.


  • Streamlined Rapid Acquisition Process: CHS provides rapid acquisition capability for all requirements, including engineering support, hardware, sustainment and services
  • Rapid Execution: CHS works with stakeholders to facilitate the rapid execution of technology insertions, delivery orders and task orders
  • Configuration Management: CHS-4 contract provides a mechanism to preserve hardware configurations, including designs for integrated solutions and kits to ensure interoperability with networked systems as well as continued information assurance compliance
  • End of Life Management: CHS works with prime vendor and original equipment manufacturers to manage technology obsolescence
  • Replacement Configurations: CHS communicates with programs to identify next generation replacement configurations to ensure requirements continue to be met
  • Emerging Technologies: CHS works with programs and industry to coordinate new commercial information technologies onto the Army’s tactical network; CHS hosts industry roadmaps and technology demonstrations to facilitate collaboration between Original Equipment Manufacturer and program offices



  • Managed acquisition and delivery of CHS equipment in support of customer requirements
  • Award CHS-5 Contract



  • Continue management and delivery of CHS equipment in support of customer requirements
  • CHS-6 contract acquisition competition


  • CHS-4 Production Contract: General Dynamics (Taunton, MA)
  • Systems Engineering, Testing and Analysis Support: Booz Allen Hamilton (Washington, DC) and Bowhead (Alexandria, VA)