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Provides acquisition of future laser-based infrared (IR) countermeasure systems for rotary wing, tilt rotor, and small fixed wing aircraft across the Department of Defense.


CIRCM integrates defensive IR countermeasures capabilities into existing, current-generation aircraft to engage and defeat man-portable air defense systems (MANPADS). The CIRCM system is comprised of a pointer-tracker unit, IR laser, and system processor unit.

CIRCM is part of a suite of infrared countermeasures that also includes a missile warning system (MWS) and an Improved Countermeasure Dispenser (ICMD) for flares and chaff. The Army’s current MWS is the Common Missile Warning System (CMWS) with the third-generation electronic control unit (ECU), which is responsible for detecting and declaring on an IR threat. Both CIRCM and the ICMD receive the handoff from CMWS and provide appropriate countermeasures to defeat the threat.

CIRCM is the lightweight solution to replace the highly combat effective Advanced Threat Infrared Countermeasures (ATIRCM) system enabling integration of laser based IR countermeasures onto smaller aircraft.


  • Common Missile Warning System


  • Northrop Grumman Corporation