Advanced Medium Mobile Power Source (AMMPS)
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The Advanced Medium Mobile Power Source is MTOE authorized equipment that is a third generation modernization program to provide 5-60kW generators in either a skid, trailer mounted, or Microgrid configuration to replace legacy generators. These units power or are incorporated into digital systems across the Army Portfolio to include Network/C3I, Air and Missile Defense, Long Range Precision Fires, Command Post and Combat Support/Combat Service Support Systems. AMMPS enhances operational effectiveness by increasing availability of power, while reducing noise, weight, and sustainment burdens for units. The reduced logistics footprint also significantly reduces the cost of operation. The AMMPS replaces the second generation Tactical Quiet Generators (TQG), which have a 25 year old design. AMMPS provides significant operational improvements that significantly decrease the logistics footprint on the battlefield as specified below.


The Advanced Medium Mobile Power Sources generator incorporates technologies that enhance the operational effectiveness of power sources through reduced noise and weight. The AMMPS reduces logistics footprint, improves fuel consumption, use of embedded diagnostics and improves maintainability.
• Improves fuel efficiency by 21% across the fleet
• 5% cost savings on hardware (across the fleet)
• Reduced size and weight by 10% across the fleet
• Increases system reliability by 90%
• 52% commonality of parts across all models


  • Deliver fleet weighted average of 21% improved fuel efficiency over legacy systems
  • Increase reliability (750 hours mean time between failure), maintainability, and transportability
  • Reduce infrared signature and noise (less than 70 decibels at 7 meters)
  • Provide 52% commonality of parts across all sizes of AMMPS
  • Incorporate military ruggedized commercial components
  • Minimize weight by 10% over previous generation, as well as minimizes size
  • Improve maintenance intervals (500 hours for 5 kW, 10kW, and 15kW; 750 hours for the 30kW and 60kW)
  • Reduce electromagnetic interference; electromagnetic interference protected
  • Improve sustainability; operate at rated loads in all military environments
  • Capable of starting and operating on common fuels (diesel/JP-8) in extreme climatic and tactical military environments
  • Meet Environmental Protection Agency Tier IV Interim Compliance
  • Include built-in diagnostics/prognostics for troubleshooting
  • Feature automatic paralleling and synchronization; simple two button parallel


Jun 18: AMMPS Contract Awarded
FY 19: AMMPS Microgrid Type Classification / Full Materiel Release

Foreign Military Sales

  • Libya
  • Egypt
  • Iraq
  • United Arab Emirates


  • Cummins Power Generation (Minneapolis, MN)
  • Schutt Industries (Clintonville, WI)