Calibration Sets Equipment (CALSETS)
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The Calibration Sets (CALSETS) program has two Mobile Maintenance Shops for the deployment of Area Test, Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment (TMDE) Support Teams (ATST). Six variations of CALSETS for TMDE maintenance and two variations of local area networks (LAN) allow use of automated maintenance procedures and transfer of maintenance information. TMDE maintenance facilities use this hardware to provide calibration and repair support for weapon system maintenance TMDE.

Mobile Maintenance Shops: The AN/GSM-705 is a 37-foot semitrailer with a production control desk communications and network rack, five work benches and eight instrument racks necessary to house a calibration set and a LAN. The AN/GSM-421A(V)2 is an 8-foot by 20-foot International Organization for Standardization shelter similar to the AN/GSM-705 with only three benches, two tall racks and two short racks. This system operates at secondary locations with a smaller calibration set and LAN. These Mobile Maintenance Shops are fielded with up-armored prime movers, power generation, environmental control and communication equipment.

CALSETS: CALSETS have different capabilities, both to support different requirements and to keep cost down. CALSETS are used in Mobile Maintenance shops and in fixed calibration facilities. The AN/GSM-440 is the primary tactical CALSETS and has the most capability of the mobile sets. This set is capable of supporting more than 90 percent of the types of TMDE in the Army. The AN/GSM-439 Tactical CALSETS is the smallest and has the least capability of the sets. Its primary mission is to support the high-density workload which accounts for 70 percent of Army TMDE. This can be co-located with the AN/GSM-705 or setup in a separate location. The AN/GSM-286 and AN/GSM-287 sets are less capable than the AN/ GSM-440 and used by Table of Distribution(s) and Allowances (TDA) National Guard (NG) and Army civilian organizations to support the NG, industrial base and to also provide support when tactical ATSTs are deployed. The AN/GSM-442 is a training set used at the 94H military occupational specialty school. The Reference Set is a high-accuracy, high-capability set used by TDA civilians to support the field calibration sets and TMDE they can’t support. All of these sets are used to ensure measurements made by weapon system maintainers, with their TMDE, are accurate and traceable to national standards.

LAN: The AN/GYM-26(V)1 and AN/GYM-26(V)2 are both used to provide a means to perform automated maintenance, download necessary maintenance data and upload test data.


CALSETS provides warfighters with calibration and repair support capabilities for instrumentation and maintenance devices within a theater of operations.


  • Various dimensions depending on equipment



Sustainment and Modernization:

  • Secondary Transfer Standards Basic, AN/GSM-286
  • Secondary Transfer Standards Augmented, AN/GSM-287
  • Transfer Set, Standards, AN/GSM-439 and AN/GSM-440


  • Calibration Set, Secondary Transfer Standards, AN/GSM-421A(V)2


  • Secondary Transfer Standards, AN/GSM-421A(V)2 to 12 Active Component and NG Units



  • AN/GSM-421A(V)2 continue Production and Fielding
  • Acquisition of 96040A Signal Generator, 5730A Multi-Product Calibrator and Instrument Controller

Foreign Military Sales

Afghanistan, Egypt, Japan, Lithuania, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan and United Arab Emirates


  • Dynetics, Inc. (Huntsville, AL)
  • Keysight Technologies, Inc. (Santa Rosa, CA)
  • Fluke Corp. (Everett, WA)