Common Bridge Transporter (CBT)
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The M1977 Common Bridge Transporter (CBT) is a modified M977 Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck equipped with a Load Handling System. The M1977 CBT was designed to support the Engineer Corps in transporting all bridging assets. The M1977 CBT loads, launches and retrieves the Standard Ribbon Bridge, Improved Ribbon Bridge and new Bridge Erection Boat utilizing the Bridge Adapter Pallet. It is equipped with a winch to assist in retrieving the deployed equipment. The CBT also transports and launches the Heavy Dry Support Bridge and Rapidly Emplaced Bridge System in Stryker Brigades.


The CBT is an essential component of the Multi-Role Bridge Company (MRBC). The MRBC combines the roles of previous float- and fixed-bridge companies to perform their missions with less manpower and greater flexibility. The Army designed MRBC to give commanders a flexible and adaptable unit that can accomplish both float- and fixed-bridge missions. The objective is to have each MRBC be 100 percent mobile (every bridge load is on a prime mover or a trailer) and take advantage of product standardization.


  • Payload: 24,000 pounds
  • Configuration: 8 feet by 8 feet
  • Fording capability: 48 inches
  • Grade: 60 percent


FY16-FY18: Produced and fielded over 400 M1977A4s (latest variant)


Current: Ongoing contract for Recapitalization


  • Oshkosh Corp. (Oshkosh, WI)
Common Bridge Transporter (CBT)