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During the early phases of operations, the Early Entry Fluid Distribution System (E2FDS) is employed to throughput large quantities of petroleum or water while reducing the requirement for line-haul semitrailers, relieving main supply route congestion.

E2FDS is a high-throughput flexible conduit system used for the transport of bulk petroleum or water on the modular battlefield. It is a rapidly emplaced conduit system capable of moving 850,000 gallons of fuel or 650,000 gallons of raw (nonpotable) water a distance of up to 50 miles in a 20-hour period. This new materiel system enhances the Inland Petroleum Distribution System (IPDS) by providing an early entry capability for petroleum throughput, as well as a means to rapidly extend existing pipeline traces or establish new traces during later phases of operations. The system is emplaced at a rate of 25 miles per day and retrieved at 10 miles per day.

The E2FDS is positioned and operated by Military Occupational Specialty 92F (petroleum supply specialist) and requires minimal engineering support to emplace the conduit or pump stations. Pump stations are centrally controlled to enable rapid and precise synchronization during pumping operations.


E2FDS enables a more rapid setup of the conduit trace, and the automation and centralized control enables greater precision of pipeline operations. Once the IPDS pipeline is put in place, E2FDS can be used to extend the pipeline trace as a backup system or be moved to another location.


  • Comprised of flexible conduit, employment and retrieval systems
  • Includes conduit support equipment (valves, couplings and joints), pump stations and a centralized control module
  • Components are packed in International Organization for Standardization configuration for deployment and are Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck-Load Handling System, Palletized Load System (PLS) and PLS Trailer transportable


4QFY16: Milestone B
1QFY18: Preliminary Design Review
3QFY18: Critical Design Review


2QFY19: Contractor demonstration testing
4QFY19: Milestone C
3QFY20: First Unit Equipped
4QFY21: Full Operational Capability