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The Family of Engineer Combat and Construction Sets (ECACS) consists of engineer sets that aid in the detection, protection, surveillance, evacuation and clearance of buildings as well as facilities repair, road construction and other construction engineering tasks. Hydraulic, Electric, Pneumatic, Operated Equipment (HEPPOE) provides engineer units with an effective means to operate hydraulic-electric-pneumatic tools in a non-power-sourced location while conducting theater-of-operation repair and construction tasks.

Urban Operations Platoon Set (UOpPS) provides the tools needed to mitigate gaps such as explosive detection and early and forcible entry, which enhances the engineer force’s capability to rapidly shape the operational environment. This set also contains the only equipment that allows engineer platoons to safely breach hardened underground facilities during subterranean operations. The Soldier-portable tool load is composed of high-tech, Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) items contained in five ruggedized cases.

Urban Operations Squad Set (UOpSS) provides combat engineers the ability to conduct operations in urbanized, complex and subterranean areas utilizing various breeching and marking techniques. The Soldier-portable tool load is composed of low-tech COTS items transportable in four canvas bags.

The Vertical Skills Engineer Construction Kits (VSECK) effort combines eight existing sets into a family of six systems which include hand and power tools used by carpenters, plumbers, pipefitters, electricians, and concrete and masonry craftsmen. VSECK systems leverage the latest in technological advances to support tactical missions providing means for security, stability, transition and reconstruction across Unified Land Operations.


ECACS equips the warfighter with the tools necessary to perform detection, protection, surveillance and evacuation as well as any construction engineer task needed for urban and rural environments.


  • HEPPOE: Includes two portable multi-powered units and 13 lift cases of tools such as pavement breakers; concrete vibrators; concrete and wood chainsaws; sump pumps; various drills and saws; sanders and grinders; and post pullers
  • UOpPS: Includes vapor and trace explosives detector; Power Hawk rescue system; under-door remote-viewing instrument; articulating fiberscope; pole-mounted infrared camera; exothermic cutting torch; and portable hand-held welder
  • UOpSS: Includes urban assault bridging/climbing ladders; breaching kit; rappelling kit; mechanical entry tools; and marker light sticks
  • VSECK: Includes hand tools, cordless tools and power tools containerized for transportability and accountability


4QFY18: Platoon/Squad Follow-on Contract Award
3QFY19: HEPPOE Follow-on Contract Award


3QFY18: VSECK, Type Classification – Standard
4QFY18: VSECK, First Unit Equipped
FY19: Ongoing Production and Fielding for HEPPOE, UOpPS, UOpSS and VSECK


        • Kipper Tool Company (Gainesville, GA)