Heavy Equipment Transporter System (HETS)
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The Heavy Equipment Transporter System (HETS) consists of two pieces of equipment: the M1070 tractor and the M1000 semitrailer. The HETS tractor is used in combination with the M1000 trailer to transport the M1 Series Abrams tank and other heavy tracked and wheeled vehicles weighing up to 140,000 pounds during administrative and tactical operations. The HETS is capable of both on- and off-road operations over a variety of terrains and slopes, as well as temperature extremes from minus 50 degrees to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The tractors are capable of seating six occupants (driver, commander and 4-person tank crew) and have a heavy-duty, fully oscillating fifth wheel with a 3.5-inch kingpin and a central tire inflation system.


HETS is a critical part of the distribution system; it is the sole military asset capable of highway transport of the Army’s main battle tank. It also transports oversized and overweight equipment from port of debarkation to forward areas or to/from base camps. The HETS will support missions through the full spectrum of military operations from peacetime to war. HETS has been designated Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) defense mission critical, as listed on the CBRN Mission Critical Report. It performs recovery, though limited, and evacuation missions. The HETS reduces the amount of time necessary to relocate combat forces, thus facilitating the reception, staging, onward movement and integration process of initial and follow-on forces.


M1070A0 HETS Tractor

  • Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR): 231,400 pounds
  • Detroit Diesel 8V92 500 HP engine
  • Allison CLT-754 transmission (5-speed automatic)
  • Two-speed transfer case

M1070A1 HETS Tractor

  • GCWR: 238,500 pounds
  • Caterpillar 700 HP C-18 engine
  • Allison 4800SP transmission (7-speed automatic)
  • Single-speed transfer case
  • Upgraded Axle Ratings, Front: 32,000 pounds; Rear – 25,000 pounds
  • Upgraded Wheels: 16,000 pounds rating
  • Electrical: 24 volts
  • Upgraded Alternator: 400 amps
  • Antilock Brake System with traction control
  • Standard air-conditioning
  • Improved electrical system J1939 capable of future support of diagnostic/prognostic maintenance systems
  • Cab with integrated underbelly and firewall armor panels

M1000 HETS Trailer

  • Low-bed, fifth-wheel trailer that includes 5-axle rows
  • 4 hydraulically steered rows of bogie axles
  • 40 wheels
  • Operator-adjusted and -leveled hydraulic suspension
  • Single-cylinder, diesel engine auxiliary power unit to operate hydraulic suspension, gooseneck and steering systems



  • HETS, including the M1070, M1070A1 and M1000 production, is complete and transitioned to Sustainment (Integrated Logistics Support Center, U.S. Army Tank-automotive and Armaments Command, Michigan)



  • Complete the armored cab Technical Data Package and Logistics products. The armored cab will be produced organically at Rock Island Arsenal, Illinois. The Army plans to build 99 armored cabs for Army Prepositioned Stock.
  • U.S. Army Europe (USAREUR) HETS Operational Needs Statement is a solution designed for USAREUR to deliver increased payload capability while gaining road permissions. This includes a modification of the M1070A1 tractor and procurement of a modified commercial trailer.
  • Enhanced HETS (EHETS) is in a pre-Materiel Development Decision analysis of alternatives phase. The EHETS is intended to replace the legacy HETS to fill multiple identified capability gaps with this system.


  • Vehicle: Oshkosh (Oshkosh, WI)
  • Trailer: Leonardo DRS (St. Louis, MO)