M160 Robotic Mine Flail
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The M160 Robotic Mine Flail clears areas infested with land mines and counters the effects of mines that could impede the mobility of friendly forces, destroy systems or cause personnel casualties. It protects against mine explosive fragments and clears mines with the flailing motion of high-speed, rotating chained hammers. The machine digs and pounds the soil, which results in the detonation or shattering of anti-personnel mines while protecting the system’s engine and vital components with steel armor plates.

M160 is an improved version of the Commercial Off-The-Shelf DOK-ING MV-4 Mechanical Anti-Personnel Mine Clearing System. Real-time control of the mine clearing enables Soldiers to control the system from either a mounted or a standoff dismounted position using an Operator Control Unit (OCU). The M160 communication system transfers operating status and video feedback to the Soldier, allowing the Soldier to safely remain outside the range of exploding mines during the clearing process.


The M160 provides standoff protection to Soldiers while they clear areas of mines.


Major components:

  • Engine
  • Hydraulic system
  • Flail head assembly
  • Drive train
  • OCU


2QFY17: Begin Fielding


4QFY20: Complete Fielding and full organic support