Modular Fuel System (MFS)
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The Modular Fuel System (MFS) rapidly establishes fuel distribution and storage capability at any location regardless of material handling equipment availability. The MFS performs both retail and bulk fueling operations, and is capable of receiving, storing, filtering and issuing all kerosene-based fuels.

MFS is composed of 14 Tank Rack Modules (TRM) and one of the pump and filtration modules, commonly known as Pump Rack Modules (PRM). The TRM can be used with the PRM, the Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck (HEMTT) tankers or as a stand-alone system. When used with the HEMTT tanker, the TRM doubles the HEMTT tanker capacity to 5,000 gallons of fuel. The MFS is transported by the HEMTT Load Handling System and the Palletized Load System.

The PRM has an evacuation capability that allows the hoses in the system to be purged of fuel prior to recovery and can refuel both ground vehicles and aircraft.


The MFS enables retail operation for the warfighter by storing, transporting and issuing fuel.


  • TRM includes continuous duty retail pump, flow meter, filter separator and 2,500-gallon tank
  • PRM includes self-priming, 600-gallons-per-minute diesel-engine-driven centrifugal pump; filter separator; valves; fittings; hoses; refueling nozzles; aviation fuel test kits; fire extinguishers; grounding rods; flow meter and North Atlantic Treaty Organization connectors



  • TRM M107A1 Full Materiel Release
  • TRM ongoing Fielding
  • PRM Request for Proposal Release for follow-on production contract

2QFY18: TRM European Deterrence Initiative award



  • PRM First Article Test
  • PRM Production and Fielding
  • TRM follow-on Contract Award

2QFY20: TRM Production and Fielding


  • Leonardo DRS (St. Louis, MO)
  • Isometrics, Inc. (Reidsville, NC)