Route Clearance Interrogation System (RCIS) Type I
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Route Clearance Interrogation System (RCIS) Type I detects, interrogates and neutralizes the full spectrum of Explosive Hazards (EH) while on the move and takes the Soldier out of the EH Kill Zone during Route Clearance Operations.

The RCIS Type I will allow for the semi-autonomous control of a Mobile Base Unit equipped High-Mobility Engineer Excavator (HMEE) and its capabilities from an Operator Control Unit (OCU) inside a Mine Protected Clearance Vehicle (MPCV). This capability will enable Soldiers to interrogate, classify and excavate deep-buried explosive hazards, improvised explosive devices and caches in a wide range of road surfaces and soil conditions. This capability is designed to remove Soldiers, other route clearance vehicles and equipment from the blast effects of EH.


RCIS Type I removes Soldiers from the blast effects of EH.


Modified HMEE base platform will:

  • Provide by-wire control of the vehicle’s automotive and interrogation functions
  • Add boom arm attachments (air spade, rake and spork, and clamshell bucket) to expand RCIS Type I interrogation capabilities
  • Integration of a Semi-Autonomous Control System, consisting of wireless communications equipment, cables, brackets, cameras and other equipment as necessary, will allow vehicle control from an MPCV in a stand-off position
  • MPCV platform will be enhanced to include wireless communications equipment, OCU controls, video display, head-aimed control viewer, cables, bracketry and other equipment as necessary to control the HMEE from a stand-off position


To be determined.