Combat Trauma and Acute Rehabilitation (CTAR)
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Combat Trauma and Acute Rehabilitation (CTAR) includes innovative Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved diagnostic and therapeutic products to address unique and sometimes catastrophic injuries sustained by warfighters. These solutions help treat and sustain warfighter readiness and lethality. The portfolio includes:

Burn Conversion Prevention
Products to limit the severity of severe, life-threatening burns, which account for up to 20 percent of combat casualties. These products speed healing, reduces hospitalization time and costs, minimizes disfigurement and disability, and expedites return to duty.

Extracorporeal Life Support
A portable, ruggedized device to support lung and kidney function after severe injuries occur in theater. Approximately 30 percent of critically injured Soldiers experience severe lung and kidney injuries.

Extremity Injury Repair – Vascular
An engineered material that restores blood flow to injured limbs, facilitating reestablishment of limb function, and reduces the need for amputation. Current methods to repair blood flow using veins or arteries from other parts of the body are often not possible for wounded Soldiers, as injuries typically extend to multiple body parts.

Intrathoracic Pressure Regulation Therapy (IPRT)
The IPRT helps pull blood into the heart, increasing circulation and improving blood pressure in patients who need assistance breathing or whose organs are not receiving enough blood due to injury. This has potential to decrease shock, reduce secondary injury to organs and improve survival.

Temporary Corneal Repair (TCR)
A product to temporarily close open-eye injuries. If untreated within approximately 48 hours of injury, this type of wound causes eyes to be completely non-recoverable. The TCR stabilizes the injured eye so it can be repaired. Combat eye injuries remain a significant cause of
disability among warfighters, despite the use of combat
eye protection.

Burn Resuscitation Decision Support System – Mobile (BRDSS-M)
The BRDSS-M is a device to assist the medical professional in providing the right amount of fluid to severely burned casualties. The system has successfully achieved a Full Rate Production Decision.


CTAR products save lives, limbs, and vision in combat-wounded Soldiers, speed recovery, improve quality of life, make return to duty possible and reduce the need for future chronic treatment.


  • FDA licensure
  • Each medical product has individual technical and logistics (maintenance and consumable resupply) specifications



  • CTAR products in varying stages of maturity; activities range from laboratory studies to human studies and FDA clearance
  • Two programs achieved Milestone A


FY19-FY23: CTAR products will remain in varying stages as activities range from laboratory studies to FDA approval


  •   Arcos Medical, Inc. (Missouri City, TX)
  • ChromoLogic, LLC (Monrovia, CA)
  • Humacyte, Inc. (Morrisville, NC)
  • Human Biomed Inc. (South Burlington, VT)
  • Luna Innovations Inc. (Roanoke, VA)
  • Neomatrix Therapeutics (Stony Brook, NY)
  • Triton Systems (Chelmsford, MA)
  • ZOLL (Minneapolis, MN)
Combat Trauma and Acute Rehabilitation (CTAR)
Combat Trauma and Acute Rehabilitation (CTAR)