Modernization Enterprise Terminal
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To replace aging, bandwidth-limited infrastructure with state-of-the-art satellite communications (SATCOM) terminals that can leverage the vastly increased data throughput capabilities of the Department of Defense constellation of Ka-band wideband global SATCOM satellites.


MET systems come in several variants, including 12.2-meter terminals, both standard and hardened; 7.2-meter transportable antennae, both standard and hardened; and a fixed 4.8-meter antenna variant for locations with lower throughput requirements. Hardened terminals are configured to withstand interference produced by high-altitude electromagnetic pulse threats such as low-yield nuclear explosions. In addition to these antenna assemblies, MET systems include associated SATCOM equipment such as control, monitor, and alarm; performance measurement and testing; frequency and time standard; and transmit and receive subsystems. Each variant is built using a modular design intended to reduce both acquisition and maintenance costs over the full life cycle.


X-Band/Ka-band Wideband Global Satellites, X-band Defense Satellite Communications System Satellites, Commercial Satellites (as necessary)


Harris (Melbourne, FL)