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The Enhanced Night Vision Goggle-Binocular (ENVG-B) provides the U.S. Army’s close combat forces with the capability to observe and maneuver in all weather conditions, through obscurants, during limited visibility, and under all lighting conditions. This system signifies an evolution in technology that stems from innovative and collaborative efforts between Program Executive Office Soldier (PEO Soldier), Soldier Lethality Cross Functional Team (SL-CFT), and Army Futures Command (AFC). Additionally, it successfully demonstrates the rapid prototyping process to meet the Army’s modernization priorities and is the first program to deliver an Army Futures Command capability set.


The ENVG-B allows the individual Soldier to see, understand, and act first during limited visibility conditions. Higher resolution stereoscopic displays allow for faster target acquisition by improving separation of targets from background. Ultimately, the ENVG-B increases the Warfighters lethality, mobility, and situational awareness through innovative and state of the art capabilities such as:

  • A dual tubed binocular system for improved situational awareness and depth perception.
  • Higher resolution, white phosphor tubes instead of the traditional green phosphor providing better contrast.
  • A fused thermal imager for better target recognition in degraded visual environments (dust, smoke, zero illumination, subterranean, etc.)
  • Inclusion of augmented reality aspects from the Nett Warrior display.
  • Wireless interconnectivity with the Family of Weapon Sight-Individual, (FWS-I) displaying the weapon site reticle in the ENVG-B allowing Soldiers to accurately engage without shouldering the weapon and significantly reducing exposure to enemy fire.

Soldier-Centered Design

Soldier feedback was incorporated into forming the design and functions of the ENVG-B through events called Soldier Touchpoints. In total, 10 Soldier Touchpoints were conducted throughout the two years that the ENVG-B went from concept to fielding. These Soldier Touchpoints allowed Soldiers who were testing the system to provide feedback and help improve it. The ENVG-B is made for Soldiers and designed by Soldiers.

The creation of these goggles and other Army advancements signify an evolution in technology that would not be possible without such Soldier feedback. This feedback helps the Army integrate the current needs of Soldiers with the Army’s future, multi-domain battlefield.


Man-sized target recognition:

  • 80 percent probability at 150 meters (threshold) and 300 meters (objective)
  • 50 percent probability at 300 meters (threshold) and 550 meters (objective)

Total system weight:

  • Less than 2.5 pounds (threshold) and 1.5 pounds (objective)

Operating hours (continuous fusion):

  • Greater than 7.5 hours (threshold) and 15 hours (objective)


1QFY18: Approved Directed Requirement
3QFY18: Directed Requirement (DR) ENVG-B contract awarded
4QFY19: Initial Fielding to First Unit Equipped (FUE) 2nd Brigade Combat Team 1st Infantry Division, Fort Riley, Kansas


4QFY19: Initial fielding for DR ENVG-B
4QFY21: Fielding of POR ENVG-B


  • L3 Warrior Sensor Systems (Londonderry, NH)