Family of Military Working Dogs Equipment
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Family of Military Working Dogs Equipment and Kennel provides dog handlers and kennel masters with equipment to maintain the health and well-being of the animals as well as to accomplish the missions assigned.

The program offers four equipment sets.

  • Handler Set: Made up of leads, muzzles, collars and harnesses for management and control; bowls for feeding; tools for grooming; and a crate to ship the animal. Also includes equipment for deployments, a rappelling harness and a marking beacon.
  • Facility Set: Consists of equipment used in a home station, including feeding and water pails, weight scales, a bite suit, tug toys and a starter pistol.
  • Obedience Course Set: Contains the obstacles to conduct obedience training at the permanent kennel facilities.
  • Canine First-Aid Set: Includes medical supplies such as bandages, medications, etc., to provide emergency care to the animals.

The Family of Military Working Dogs program allows military working dog handlers to deploy to a facility that will house and protect their dogs in a wide range of operational environments. Working dogs will be issued to authorized military police, provost marshal, and engineer units
and activities.


The kennel masters will have a consistent and common set of equipment at each facility to which they deploy.


  • Handler Set
  • Facility Set
  • Obedience Course Set
  • Canine First-Aid Set
  • Deployable Kennels


  • Equipment Sets: Garrett Container Systems, Inc. (Accident, MD)
  • Deployable Kennel: Highland Engineering, Inc. (Howell, MI)