Family of Weapon Sights — Sniper (FWS-S)
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The Family of Weapon Sights — Sniper (FWS-S) will mount in-line with a sniper’s day optic on the M110, M2010, M107, the Compact Semi-Automatic Sniper System and the Precision Sniper Rifle. The FWS-S will provide the sniper with infrared (thermal) imagery in all weather conditions, through obscurants and under all lighting conditions. The FWS-S will also include a wired remote to adjust focus, a wired capability to the Small Tactical Optical Rifle Mounted (STORM) micro-Laser Rangefinder and a wireless capability to the STORM SLX (smaller, light, more cost-effective).


FWS-S thermal sensor extends lethality for snipers to 1,800 meters, three times longer than the 600 meter capability provided by an image intensified system. The FWS-S will be the first clip-on thermal weapon sight specifically developed and fielded by the Army for the sniper community.


  • Man-sized target recognition at night: 70 percent probability at 1,800 meters (threshold) and 2,200 meters (objective)
  • Man-sized target recognition through smoke or other obscurants: 90 percent probability at 600 meters (threshold) and 800 meters (objective)
  • Total system weight: Less than or equal to 2 pounds (threshold) and 1.75 pounds (objective)
  • Field-of-view: Greater than or equal to 4 degrees (threshold) and 9 degrees (objective)


2QFY16: Milestone B, entering Engineering and Manufacturing Development (EMD)
3QFY16: EMD Contract Award

  • Critical Design Review
  • Testing of EMD prototypes begins


4QFY18: White Paper Review
1QFY19: Request and review Initiative Proposals
2QFY19: Contract Award for FWS-Sniper EMD effort