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Updated: 2022


The General Fund Enterprise Business System (GFEBS) is web-based software that manages the Army’s General Fund and is critical in enabling Congressionally mandated auditability. It is the system of record for the U.S. Army for appropriated funds. More than $190 billion a year is committed and obligated through GFEBS to train and ready Soldiers to fight foreign and domestic enemies, modernize the Army’s technologies and capabilities, as well as reform the Army culture through cost management and the efficient use of Army funds.

GFEBS employs a commercial off-the-shelf, web-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution to integrate financial, real property, and other asset, cost, and performance data. GFEBS is utilized by more than 35,000 users and standardizes business processes and transactions across the active Army, Army National Guard, and Army Reserve at more than 200 locations in 71 countries. GFEBS provides real-time visibility of transactions, as well as historical data, to provide an integrated, analytic foundation for decision-making. GFEBS also supports the Army’s goals of achieving an unqualified opinion on financial statements and providing a cost accounting capability for better-informed decision-making.

The GFEBS implementation is designed to standardize financial management and accounting functions, as well as real property inventory and management. It meets the following objectives:

  • Provides accurate, reliable, and timely financial information and integrated functional performance data to Army decision makers
  • Integrates financial, cost, and performance data across the Army and beyond
  • Improves Army accountability and enables full cost management
  • Supports audit readiness and sustainability requirements for the Army and Department of Defense at large
  • Integrates with other Army ERP solutions
  • Automates integrated business practices and data exchange
  • Allows tactical commanders to make informed decisions on a virtually real-time system
  • Enables leadership to find cost savings across the Army by eliminating manual processes, retiring legacy systems, and providing the information necessary to compare organizational costs across the enterprise
  • Establishes one, Army-wide system

GFEBS-Sensitive Activities (SA) is the classified version of the system for the high side.


GFEBS enables the Army to fully assess the results of its financial and property management performance and costs to facilitate timely decision-making through the use of accurate, transaction-based information across the Active Army, Army National Guard, and Army Reserve.


  • Improve the Army’s business processes, allow for full-cost reporting of the Army’s outputs (products and services), and provide an auditable trail
  • Accommodate emerging requirements: improved funds balance with Department of the Treasury, the streamlining of the financial community by sunsetting legacy systems, and improved automated integration of financial data


  • 3QFY18: Fielded GFEBS to Defense Health Agency
  • 2QFY19: Implemented Real Property Inventory Management
  • 2QFY20:Fielded GFEBS to first wave of U.S. Navy’s Bureau of Medicine and Surgery
  • 2QFY20: Completed development and data extraction for GFEBS-SA


  • FY20-FY24:
  • Improve User Experience: Transition platform to speed user transactions and migrate to a Government cloud
  • Continue GFEBS financial management modernization efforts
  • Provide an auditable business environment that builds confidence in the Army’s financial management capabilities and a robust financial analytics capability key to senior leader decision-making
  • Transition sustainment activities to the Army Shared Services Center

Acquisition Life Cycle Phase

Operations & Support


International Business Machines (Bethesda, MD)
Carahsoft Technology Corporation (Reston, VA)
Zantech IT Services, Inc. (Tysons Corner, VA)