Global Command and Control System – Army (GCCS-A)
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Global Command and Control System – Army (GCCS-A) is the Army’s strategic, theater and tactical command, control and communications system. It provides a seamless link of operational information and critical data from the strategic GCCS – Joint (GCCS-J) to Army theater elements and below through a common picture of Army tactical operations to the Joint and Coalition communities.

GCCS-A strategic tools for readiness reporting were modernized and replaced with the Defense Readiness Reporting System – Army (DRRS-A), a suite of Web-based applications for Army Readiness, Force Registration and Force Projection.


GCCS-A provides critical automated command and control tools for strategic Army Commands (division and above) to enhance the warfighter’s ability to plan and execute missions throughout the spectrum of conflict during Joint and Combined operations and to provide interface between Joint and Combined Forces and tactical Army Mission Systems.

GCCS-A provides situational awareness to the operational and tactical levels throughout the Theater/Joint Task Force area of operations. The system also facilitates data exchange between Joint and Army systems.


  • Correlates Unique Identifier, Unique Reference Number and Unit Identification Code information to maintain persistent data across the forces
  • Improves the Army’s ability to analyze course of action, develop and manage Army forces and execute war plans


System Hardware:

    • General Dynamics (Taunton, MA)

Systems Engineering and Support:

    • Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) (Belcamp, MD)

Field Support Representatives (FSRs):

  • AASKI Technology (Ocean, NJ)