Homestation Instrumentation Training System (HITS)
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The Homestation Instrumentation Training System (HITS) is designed to enhance training at home stations by instrumenting force-on-force live-training exercises for battalion-and-
below units.

HITS includes automated tools to establish medium fidelity cause-and-effect analysis of battalion-and-below collective training performance in unified land operations. It is an integrated system of computer software and hardware; workstations; databases; voice, video and data recording; production and presentation equipment; interface devices and communication networks. It provides the tools for the observer-controller/trainer and operators to collect, analyze and present training performance feedback in the After Action Review (AAR) and a unit take-home package. HITS is a transportable system that can be rapidly deployed to support field training exercises. It operates at Mission Assurance Category III Sensitive, and produces Controlled Unclassified Information. HITS provides the live domain for Live, Virtual, Constructive-Integrated Training Environment established by the Live, Virtual, Constructive-Integrating Architecture Program. HITS is part of the Live Training Transformation–Family of Training Systems and is based on the Common Training Instrumentation Architecture.


HITS tracks Soldiers and vehicles while collecting their real-time casualty assessment information during battalion level force-on-force collective training exercises. This allows the HITS Exercise Control to monitor and record the participant’s position and the results of who shot whom, when, where and with what outcome.


  • Provides continuous support 24/7 during training
  • Interoperates with up to 1,162 instrumented personnel and vehicles outfitted with the Instrumentable – Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System
  • Battle Manager application allows operators to conduct fire missions and employ minefields and improvised explosive devices, allowing automatic adjudication of casualty and damage effects of these attacks
  • Operator monitoring and recording training unit voice transmissions from up to four Single Channel Ground and Airborne Radio System channels
  • Captures video that can be edited and embedded to display in an AAR


FY12-FY17: Fielded 15 systems to various home stations
FY18-FY20: HITS Exercise Control updates Version 3 and 4 compatibility
FY18: Begin incorporating HITS Aviation capability to support ground task force exercise across the full range of military operations


3QFY19: Korea Refresh/Very Small Aperture Terminals Fielding and HITS Aviation Integration
FY19-FY21: Continue incorporating HITS Aviation capability to support ground task force exercise across the full range of military operations.
FY21-FY31: HITS relevancy upgrades – Technology Refreshment to maintain program relevancy and to support home station training


  • Cubic Global Defense (San Diego, CA)
  • General Dynamics Mission Systems (Orlando, FL)