Third Generation Forward Looking Infrared (3GEN FLIR or 3GF) B-Kit
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Provides enhanced lethality overmatch and reduces losses in complex operational environments by significantly improving day, night and all-weather capability to detect, identify and engage threats.


The Third Generation Forward Looking Infrared (3GEN FLIR or 3GF) B-Kit will provide common components that will be integrated into vehicle sights for reconnaissance, surveillance and target acquisition in order to provide a common picture across all host vehicles. Common components include high-definition dual-band (mid-wave infrared and long-wave infrared) focal plane array, Dewar Cooler Bench (DCB), optics, and electronics needed to convert thermal radiation into video images. 3GF will replace 2GF sights, starting with those in the Abrams tank and the Bradley fighting vehicle and may expand to include 3GF upgrade to the Long Range Advance Scout Surveillance System (LRAS3) and other current or future ground or aviation sights.

System Interdependencies

  • M1A2 Abrams
  • M2/M3 Bradley
  • AN/TAS-8 LRAS3



  • To be determined

Programmatic, Engineering, and Technical Support:

  • CACI (Fort Belvoir, VA)
  • GM GDLS Defense Group LLC (Sterling Heights, MI)
  • BAE (Sterling Heights, MI)
  • Alion Science and Technology (Alexandria, VA)
  • Georgia Technical Research Institute (Atlanta, GA)