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Updated: March 29, 2022


Third Generation Forward Looking Infrared (3GEN FLIR) is the next generation of reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition (RSTA) sights to restore sensor overmatch through significant improvements in range and resolution. The 3GEN FLIR program incorporates High Definition (HD) Dual-Band Mid-Wave Infrared and Long-Wave Infrared (MWIR/LWIR) sensing technology advances into a common B-Kit for RSTA capabilities in day-night and degraded battlefield environments. 3GEN FLIR will replace Second Generation (2GEN) FLIR sights on the Abrams and, potentially, become the RSTA sight for the Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle (OMFV) platforms.


3GEN FLIR will enable Soldiers to detect, recognize, and identify military targets from civilian targets in all operating environments and conditions via improved long-range imaging capabilities. These range improvements are necessary for the accurate identification of human and vehicular activity and enables among other things, improved targeting, fratricide avoidance, and disruption of enemy operations. 3GEN FLIR increases target identification range up to 2.6 times compared to legacy 2GEN FLIR and allows operations day or night in all battlefield conditions and weather. As such, the 3GEN FLIR’s capability enhancements are essential to ensure overmatch in Target Identification, Reconnaissance and Surveillance, and Situational Awareness.


  • Incorporates HD Dual-Band MWIR/LWIR sensing technology for RSTA capabilities in day/night and degraded battlefield environments
  • 3GEN FLIR B-Kit integrates into Abrams and is capable of being integrated into additional platforms (e.g., Next Generation Combat Vehicle/OMFV)
  • 3GEN FLIR B-Kit replaces 2GEN FLIR B-Kit
  • 3GEN FLIR B-Kit includes common FLIR subassemblies (Afocal, Imager, Dewar Cooler Bench (DCB), and Circuit Card Assemblies) for integration into a platform’s unique sensor

Acquisition Lifecycle Phase

Engineering & Manufacturing Development

Program Status

  • 1QFY19: B-Kit Hardware Critical Design Review Entrance, December 2018
  • 2QFY19: Acquisition Program Baseline update approved, January 2019
  • 3QFY20: B-Kit Test Readiness Review Entrance, April 2020

Projected Activities

  • FY21: B-Kit System Integration Unit Deliveries for Qualification Testing
  • FY22:
    • Milestone C
    • Low-Rate Initial Production award
  • FY25: Full-Rate Production


B-Kit: Raytheon Missiles & Defense (Tucson, AZ / McKinney, TX)
DCB: DRS (Dallas, TX), L3Harris (Mason, OH), and Raytheon Vision Systems (Goleta, CA)


PEO-IEWS – Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD