Improved Target Acquisition System (ITAS)
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The Improved Target Acquisition System (ITAS) provides long-range sensor and anti-armor/precision assault fire capabilities, enabling the Soldier to shape the battlefield by detecting and engaging targets at long range with Tube-Launched, Optically Tracked, Wireless-Guided (TOW) Missiles; or directing the employment of other weapon systems to destroy those targets. ITAS is a multipurpose weapon system, used as a reconnaissance, surveillance and target acquisition sensor.

ITAS’s second-generation forward-looking infrared sensors double the long-range surveillance of its predecessor, the M220 TOW system. ITAS offers improved hit probability with aided target tracking, improved missile flight software algorithms and an elevation brake to minimize launch transients. The system includes an integrated Far-Target Location (FTL) capability (day-and-night sight with laser rangefinder) via a position attitude determination subsystem, a fire-control subsystem, a lithium-ion battery power source and a modified traversing unit. Soldiers can also detect and engage long-range targets with TOW Missiles or, using the ITAS FTL capability, direct other fires to destroy them. The FTL capability consists of a position attitude determination subsystem that provides the gunner with their own Global Positioning System (GPS) location and a 10-digit grid location to their target through the use of differential GPS. The ITAS can fire all versions of the TOW Family of Missiles.

The ITAS Image Enhancement Modification Kit reduces operator workload by optimizing the image presented to the gunner through electronic processing. Electronic focus, image stabilization and other processing techniques ensure that the image presented is optimized for the environment without manual manipulation of the various adjustment settings. ITAS operates from the High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle, the dismount tripod platform and Stryker anti-tank guided missile vehicles. ITAS is the Infantry’s precision weapon of choice in combat engagements.


ITAS provides long-range anti-armor/precision assault fire capabilities to the Army’s Infantry and Stryker Brigade Combat Teams as well as to the Marine Corps. ITAS is a major product upgrade that greatly reduces the number of components, minimizing logistics support and equipment requirements. Built-in diagnostics and improved interfaces enhance target engagement performance.


  • Long-range surveillance (second-generation forward-looking infrared)
  • Long-range, lethal, heavy, close combat and precision assault fires
  • Laser rangefinder (10 km)/Aided Target Tracker
  • Fires all versions of TOW Missile
  • Automatic boresight capability
  • FTL capability
  • Embedded training and Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System
  • 16-hour Silent Watch capability



  • Modified ITAS (MITAS) prototype hardware integrated and component-level testing completed
  • Common Software Version 3.1 Formal Qualification and system-level testing completed
  • Awarded contract for Foreign Military Sales Production


FY20–FY22: MITAS Commonality Program funded to bring all Stryker Anti-Tank Guided Missile vehicles’ MITAS to current M41A7 ITAS Configuration

FY21: Begin fielding of ITAS Common Software Version 3.1

Foreign Military Sales

Canada and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization Support and Procurement Agency


  • Raytheon (McKinney, TX)