Medical Support Systems and Evacuation (MSSE)
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Medical Support Systems and Evacuation (MSSE) is a family of products supporting medical evacuation (MEDEVAC), casualty extraction and movement, and operational and preventive medicine. This program supports Soldier and medical evacuation readiness and modernization. The portfolio includes:

  • MEDEVAC and Treatment Vehicle Medical Equipment Package (MEP) (Non-ACAT)
    This program supports unique medical evacuation requirements for air and ground vehicles. In partnership with Program Executive Office (PEO) Aviation and PEO Ground Combat Systems, these programs address specifications, product development, testing and integration of medical equipment into the UH-60M Air Ambulances and the Armored Multipurpose Vehicle Ambulance and Treatment/Evacuation variants.
  • Environmental Sentinel Biomonitor (ESB) (ACAT IV)
    The ESB rapidly screens and identifies toxic industrial chemicals in field drinking water. It will be used by Preventative Medicine personnel in support of Brigade Combat Teams and higher. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registered device allows enhanced screening of local water sources to validate that industrial chemical contaminants are below safe threshold levels.
  • Future Vertical Lift (FVL) Medical MEP (Non-ACAT)
    In concert with PEO Aviation, the MSSE supports the development of the medical variants in the FVL program. Each medical variant requires design, development, testing and validation of the MEDEVAC equipment and patient movement items including defibrillator, ventilator and vital signs monitors.
  • Health Readiness and Performance System (HRAPS)
    (ACAT III)
    In partnership with PEO Soldier, the HRAPS supports the health and medical mission of an integrated system of wearable sensors that provide commanders with actionable information to improve performance and mitigate injuries. Increments will address heat injuries, alertness, cognition and physical readiness.
  • Transport Telemedicine System (TTS) (ACAT III)
    The Medical Hands-Free, Ultra-Wideband Broadcast (MEDHUB) systems will capture patient status and treatment data at remote sites and enroute to higher roles of care/Medical Treatment Facilities (MTF). The MEDHUB will provide hands-free, electronic creation of essential medical data, providing deployed MTFs with patient information before arrival, improving care, safety and patient outcomes without additional burdens on medics.
  • Chemical Patient Protective Wrap (CPPW) (ACAT IV)
    The military unique CPPW was modernized and upgraded to replace a late 1980s legacy product with the new version manufactured in partnership with Pine Bluff Arsenal. Designed similar in style to a sleeping bag, the CPPW is a portable, protective, patient transport device, which allows for patient treatment while protecting patients from contamination by chemical agents and pathogens of operational and clinical concern.


MSSE products improve health outcomes, support medical evacuation, prevent illness and injury, enhance operational readiness and improve Soldier lethality.


System attributes include Environmental Protection Agency registration, user evaluations, air worthiness certification and effectiveness


FY16-FY18: Products are in varying stages of completion, ranging from Materiel Development Decision through Initial Operation Capability


FY19-FY23: Products will continue progress through Development and Full Operational Capability


  • ANP Technologies (Newark, DE)
  • Nanohmics (Austin, TX)
  • Polo Custom Products, Inc. (Topeka, KS)
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Lincoln Laboratory (Cambridge, MA)
  • Sierra Nevada Corporation (Las Vegas, NV)