Joint Land Component Constructive Training Capability (JLCCTC)
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Joint Land Component Constructive Training Capability (JLCCTC) provides the capability to train commanders and their staffs by supplying accurate representations of tactically and operationally relevant land warfare operations executed in a contemporary Joint Operating Environment/context. JLCCTC is the foundational simulation for Army Warfighter Exercises. The Common Battle Command Simulation Equipment procures and delivers Commercial Off-The-Shelf hardware/software to Mission Command Training Centers.

JLCCTC is the Army’s constructive simulation toolkit, supporting institutional and operational unit training for the Active Component, Reserve Component and National Guard units providing capabilities across the range of warfighting functions. JLCCTC is a software modeling and simulation capability that contributes to the Army’s Training Support System by providing appropriate levels of modeling and simulation resolution and fidelity to support unit collective and combined arms training.


JLCCTC enables commanders and their staffs to hone their warfighting skills and refine standard operating procedures for the effective operation of a tactical operations center. The wide spectrum of functional capabilities within JLCCTC accurately replicates real-world situations. JLCCTC will immerse commanders and their staffs in the simulated fight.


  • Software-intensive
  • Stimulates Mission Command Systems
  • Can accommodate hundreds of individual computers for role players
  • Individual computers must meet certain processing standards



  • Fielded JLCCTC v8.0 to 10 Army sites worldwide
  • Began fielding JLCCTC v8.1 to Army sites worldwide
  • Supported the Key Resolve 18 Exercise at the Korea Battle Simulation Center (KBSC) using JLCCTC v7.1
  • Supported the Ulchi Freedom Guardian 18 Theater Level Exercise at KBSC using JLCCTC v7.1
  • Supported the Yama Sakura 75 Exercise in Japan using JLCCTC v7.1



  • Continued Fielding of JLCCTC v8.1 to Army sites
  • Continued support to warfighter exercises
  • Develop and implement Cloud capabilities for JLCCTC exercise use cases


  • Lockheed Martin Training and Logistics Solutions (Orlando, FL)