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Updated: 2022

PEO Simulation, Training, and Instrumentation (PEO STRI)

Acquisition Category: ACAT II
Acquisition Lifecycle Phase: Production & Deployment

Joint Land Component Constructive Training Capability (JLCCTC) is the premier Army Constructive Simulation that supports Army Title X training worldwide for commanders and their staffs at Mission Training Complex (MTCs), U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) facilities, and other customer locations. JLCCTC trains commanders and their staffs in offensive, defensive, stability, and civil support operations. The single Federation System capabilities include:

  • Stimulation of Mission Command (MC)/Go-to-War systems
  • Intelligence modeling capabilities
  • Sustainment/Logistics training (maintenance, supply, transportation, ammunition, and personnel)
  • Irregular Warfare (insurgents, terrorists, car bombs/Improved Explosive Devices, civilians/refugees, etc.)
  • Non-kinetic effects modeling
  • After Action Review/Exercise Control tools and capabilities
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle/Unmanned Aerial System Visualization
  • Interface with the Air Force Simulation, the Air and Space Cyber Constructive Environment, and other Joint/Coalition Constructive simulations


Provides Army commanders and their battle staff the capability to train in an operationally relevant, constructive simulation environment that simulates Army Decisive Action operations employed for Simulation/Stimulation of collective digital Mission Command training, from Brigade through Theater-level echelons. JLCCTC supports institutional and operational unit training for Active Component, Reserve Component, and National Guard units providing capabilities across the range of warfighting functions. JLCCTC fielding’s include the Army Combat Training Centers, Mission Command Training Program, Global Simulation Capability/Regional Simulation Centers, and all the Army MTCs worldwide.


  • Enables the training of Army commanders and battle staffs from Brigade through Echelon Above Corps/Theater-Level by utilizing select models, tools and interfaces based on the needs of the training audience
  • Provides appropriate levels of model and simulation resolution along with fidelity to support unit collective and combined arms training
  • Provides accurate representations of tactically and operationally relevant land warfare operations executed in a contemporary Joint Operating Environment/context
  • Interfaces with the training audience via MC equipment
  • Interoperates with other Department of Defense Service simulations
  • Interfaces with Coalition simulations to remain flexible to an evolving training environment


  • 2QFY20:
    • New 10-year JLCCTC contract (4-year base with two 3-year options) was awarded to Phoenix Defense Inc. It is for continued analysis, design, development, integration, testing, fielding, post-deployment software support activities, and the required pre-planned product improvements to the existing JLCCTC single federation solution as well as new and emerging requirements, including/addressing Multi Domain Operation requirements. Two Task Orders (TO) (TO#1 for Program Management and Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility activities and TO#2 for all other program activities) were also awarded.
    • 3QFY20–4QFY20: Continue new Development activities, Fielding activities and onsite support to critical Warfighter exercises and other key Brigade through Theater-Level exercises worldwide


  • 1QFY21–4QFY21: Complete Fielding of JLCCTC v8.1 to any remaining sites
  • 4QFY21: JLCCTC 0 Validation Events by TRADOC Program Office – Constructive at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas
  • 1QFY21–3QFY21: Continue supporting activities related to the WFX 21-4 Exercise with the MC Training Program
  • 3QFY22–4QFY24:
    • Field JLCCTC v9.0 to approximately 48 Army sites worldwide
    • Conduct v10.0 Requirements Analysis/System Engineering/Software Development and Integration, Test, and Validation activities




  • Phoenix Defense (Prime) (Gilbert, AZ, and Orlando, FL)