Rocket, Artillery, Mortar (RAM) Warn
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Rocket, Artillery, Mortar (RAM) Warn is a horizontal technology insertion using current Counter-Rocket, Artillery, Mortar (C-RAM) warning capability to provide early, localized warning of incoming Indirect Fire (IDF) attacks to all Army maneuver Brigade Combat Teams (BCTs). Integration of RAM Warn equipment provides a warn capability to BCTs from detected threat RAM rounds and transmits detection data to the Command and Control (C2) element for correlation and determination of a predicted Point of Impact (POI). Based on the POI, the C2 determines which warning nodes should broadcast “incoming” warning alarms and transmits this information to the appropriate warning nodes.

The Huntsman Secure Network Radio (HSNR) LX4-Secret and Below modification effort will address end-of-life/obsolescence of the current Rajant Breadcrumb® LX4-4442 radio with in-line KG-175D encryption device. This modification provides the warfighter with significant operational benefits, including the HSNR-embedded encryption feature, which eliminates the KG-175D; and automated radio programming, which simplifies training and reduces set-up time from hours to minutes.


Timely warning enables BCT personnel in the hazard area of an inbound IDF threat to seek cover prior to impact, thus reducing casualties for the warfighter.


  • Interfaces with the Air Defense Airspace Management (ADAM) Cell resident in the BCT headquarters
  • Networks existing radars in the target acquisition platoon of the fires battalion
  • Adds enhanced C2 warning devices, controllers and dedicated communications between the existing radars, the ADAM cell and warning systems


FY16: Fielded/trained seven Active Component (AC) and one National Guard (NG) BCTs
FY17: Fielded/trained six AC and 11 NG BCTs
FY18: Fielded/trained one AC and 15 NG BCTs
2QFY18: HSNR environmental and environmental and electromagnetic effects testing at Redstone Test Center, Alabama

  • HSNR Spectrum Certification/DD Form 1494 approval – J/F 12/11242
  • HSNR Engineering Change Proposal approval by National Security Agency

3QFY18-4QFY18: HSNR logistics demonstration and technical manual verification
4QFY18: RAM Warn equipment delivered to support European Deterrence Initiative



  • Field/train one AC BCT; completes Fielding to all Army BCTs
  • HSNR delta record test at Yuma Proving Ground, Arizona

FY19-FY21: HSNR modification work order installed for all Army BCTs


  • Northrop Grumman (Huntsville, AL)