Nett Warrior (NW)
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Nett Warrior (NW) is an integrated dismounted leader Situational Awareness (SA) system used during combat operations. The system provides unparalleled SA to the dismounted leader, allowing for faster and more accurate decision-making in the tactical fight. With advanced navigation, SA and information-sharing capabilities, leaders are able to avoid fratricide and are more effective and lethal in the execution of their combat missions.

The NW system is connected through secure, tactical radios, and other transports that share information from one NW to another. Additionally, the NW smart device displays leader locations, tactical imagery and tactical graphics.

Tactical radios and other transports connect the NW-equipped leader to higher-echelon data and information products to assist in decision-making and situational understanding. All of this allows the leader to easily see, understand and interact in the method best suited to the user and the particular mission.


NW employs a system-of-systems approach, optimizing and integrating capabilities while reducing the Soldier’s combat load and logistical footprint. It also provides overmatch operational capabilities to all ground combat leaders and small-unit operations.


  • Commercial off-the-shelf smartphone end-user device with cable (less than 2 pounds) for connection to multiple transports, such as Wi-Fi, 4G/LTE, tactical radios (running different waveforms like Tactical Scalable Mobile ad-hoc network waveform, ANW2 network and Soldier Radio waveform). The system can operate eight to 24 hours depending on power source connection configuration.
  • NW, U.S. government-owned open software architecture (core is Assault Android Tactical Assault Kit) has published a Software Development Kit that permits rapid application development and integration. The software also enables the expansion of this platform to other warfighting functions and/or handheld requirements.


4QFY17: Full Rate Production Decision
1QFY18: 1st Security Assistance Brigade (SFAB) Fielding
3QFY18: Saber Striker Multination Training exercise


4QFY18: 2nd SFAB Fielding


Government is the prime integrator with various vendors providing components.