Synthetic Training Environment (STE)
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The Synthetic Training Environment (STE) is designed to provide a cognitive, collective, multi-echelon training and mission rehearsal capability for the operational, institutional and self-development training domains. It brings together the virtual, constructive and gaming training environments into a single STE for Army Active and Reserve Components as well as civilians. It will provide training services to ground, dismounted and aerial platforms and command post (CP) points of need (PoN).

The Synthetic Training Environment will interact with and augment live training, which is the primary training approach for the Army. This concept will allow the Army to provide a single STE that delivers a training service to the PoN. The capability will train all Warfighting Functions and the human dimension across all echelons with Joint and Unified Action Partners in the context of Unified Land Operations.


Warfighters will benefit from a single STE built on One World Terrain concepts within a Common Operating Environment (COE).


  • Training and mission rehearsal capability
  • Interfaces with operational networks and Network-Enabled Mission Command Initial Capability Document-defined platforms and CP
  • Interfaces with live training instrumentation
  • Native interoperability with the COE
  • STE Virtual Military Equipment leverages commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) and government off-the-shelf (GOTS) hardware. It will provide immersive and semi-immersive training capability.
  • STE is a software solution and will not require production line for custom hardware. It will utilize integration line to integrate COTS and GOTS hardware.