Tank Ammo
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The current 120 mm family of tactical tank ammunition consists of the five unique cartridges, each designed to defeat one or more specific threat targets. The family includes the fifth generation Kinetic Energy (KE) cartridge, three High-Explosive (HE) cartridges, and a canister cartridge.

KE rounds are designed to defeat advanced threat armor by firing a sub-caliber projectile at high velocity. The M829A4 KE cartridge is currently in production, and provides the most effective armor-defeat capability in the world. HE rounds are designed to defeat various targets using explosive energy. The M830 and M830A1 HE Anti-tank rounds, and the M908 HE Obstacle Reduction round are designed to provide effects against targets including light armor, obstacles and bunkers. Finally, the 120mm M1028 canister round expels 1,100 tungsten spheres to provide a shotgun effect against light targets and personnel. The Joint Program Executive Office Armaments and Ammunition (JPEO A&A) is currently developing a new Advanced Multi-Purpose (AMP) cartridge that combines the capabilities of the current HE and canister cartridges into one round, and also adds new capabilities to breach double reinforced concrete walls and defeat Anti-Tank Guided Missile (ATGM) teams out to 2,000m. AMP uses an HE warhead with tungsten spheres to provide blast, armor penetration and fragmentation effects. When fired from an Abrams tank equipped with the Ammunition Data Link, the AMP cartridge can be programmed for one of three modes; point-detonate, point-detonate-delay or airburst.

The 120mm family has two training cartridges currently in production; the M865 KE Trainer and the M1002 HE trainer. The M865, designed to have reduced range for safety purposes, is a ballistic match to the tactical KE round out to 2,500. The M1002, also with a reduced range design, simulates the M830A1 in size, weight and nose switch feature. JPEO A&A is currently working on product improvements to the M865 and M1002 that will further improve safety of the rounds while facilitating realistic and effective gunnery training. The family of 105mm Stryker Mobile Gun System (MGS) ammunition includes various KE and HE tactical cartridges as well as a canister cartridge. The only 105mm cartridge currently in production is the M724A2 KE trainer. The M724A2 is a reduced-range training cartridge intended to provide the Soldier with the training capability to maximize the effectiveness of the tactical 105 mm M900 KE cartridge, which provides armor-defeat capability.


Direct fire large caliber ammunition provides Abrams and Stryker MGS crews with the necessary lethality required to defeat multiple enemy threats.


  • Various specifications used depend on weapon platform, caliber, target set and effect



  • M830, M830A1, M1002, M908, M1028, M865, M1040, M393A3, M467A1 Fielded and in sustainment
  • M829A4, M724A2, M1002 Production
  • 120mm AMP CDR, Milestone C, and Low Rate Initial Production



  • 120mm AMP, M829A4 Production
  • Improved M865 and M1002 Production
  • Potential Production and/or development of 120mm/105mm ammunition to support future Next Generation Combat Vehicle platform(s)

Foreign Military Sales

  • 120 mm Insensitive Munition High Explosive with Tracer (HE-T) Cartridge
  • 120 mm KE-W A1 APFSDS-T Cartridge
  • 120 mm M1028 Canister Cartridge
  • 120 mm M865 TPCSDS-T Cartridge
  • 120 mm M1002 TPMP-T Cartridge


  • M1028, M1002, M865, M724A2, AMP EMD, M829A4: Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems (Radford, VA; Independence, MO; Rocket City, WV)
  • M1028, M1002, M865, IM HE-T, KE-W A1: General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems (St. Petersburg, FL)