Pharmaceutical Systems
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Updated: 2022



Warfighter Protection and Acute Care, previously Pharmaceutical Systems, develops and delivers U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved infectious disease drugs, vaccines, and diagnostics; blood products and components; and drugs for battlefield pain management to protect and sustain the Warfighter through all phases of Multi Domain Operations. The portfolio includes:

  •  Malaria Treatment Drug: Intravenous Artesunate (IVAS) (ACAT IV): An intravenous drug to treat Warfighters with severe/complicated malaria. The IVAS is the only FDA-approved drug to treat severe/complicated malaria. It has been safely used around the world to save hundreds of lives since 2007 under a special FDA protocol.
  • Blood Products (ACAT III): Blood products include Freeze Dried Plasma, Cryopreserved Platelets, and Cold Stored Platelets. On the battlefield, these products will be used far forward to stop bleeding and to replace lost fluids. Implementation will reduce the number of preventable deaths caused by bleeding, estimated to be approximately 24% of combat deaths before an injured Warfighter reached a Medical Treatment Facility. These life-saving products will also significantly reduce the logistics burden compared to current blood products.
  • Dengue Tetravalent Vaccine (ACAT III): A vaccine to protect Warfighters from dengue virus, the most rapidly spreading mosquito-borne viral disease in the world. Dengue causes debilitating illness to U.S. Forces that results in approximately 14 lost duty days per event and reduces Soldier performance for approximately one month.
  • HIV Vaccines (ACAT III): A vaccine to prevent HIV infection thus sustaining Troop readiness (approximately 350 new Service Members infected per year) and mitigating financial impact of lifelong treatment (approximately $500 million per year). The vaccine will protect against multiple subtypes representing over 97% of Department of Defense HIV infections.
  • Rapid Human Diagnostic Devices (ACAT IV): Far forward, rapid response tests to rapidly diagnose a variety of military-relevant infectious diseases before the disease spreads, incapacitating troops, and degrading the operational mission.
  • Rapid Human Diagnostic Device – COVID (ACAT III): A rapid diagnostic assay for diagnosis of SARS-CoV-2 in symptomatic and asymptomatic patients from a nasopharyngeal swab for direct antigen (SCoV-2 Ag DetectTM) detection and whole blood serology (SCoV-2 Ab DetectTM) detection.


These products improve health, deployability, survivability, and lethality by preventing infectious diseases and enhancing battlefield trauma care.


  • FDA approval
  • Each drug, vaccine, or blood product has individual technical and logistics specs


  • FY18–FY20: Products are in varying stages of completion. Some have received FDA approval for limited, emergency, or humanitarian use, pending full approval.


  • FY21–FY25: Anticipated Milestone C dates for these products beginning in FY21

Acquisition Lifecycle Phase

All 5 phases highlighted:

Materiel Solutions Analysis, Technology Maturation & Risk Reduction, Engineering & Manufacturing Development, Production & Deployment, Operations & Support

Contractors and Partners

60° Pharmaceuticals (Washington, DC)
AcelRx Pharmaceuticals (Redwood City, CA)
Amivas (Silver Spring, MD)
BodeVet, Inc. (Rockville, MD)
Cellphire, Inc. (Rockville, MD)
Emergent Biosolutions (Germantown, MD)
Fast-Track Drugs and Biologics, LLC (North Potomac, MD)
InBios International, Inc. (Seattle, WA)
Janssen (Belgium)
Ophirex, Inc. (Corta Madera, CA)
PPD (Wilmington, NC)
Scandinavian Biopharma (Solna, Sweden)
State University of New York (Albany, NY)
Takeda Pharmaceuticals (Deerfield, IL)
University of Maryland (Baltimore, MD)
Vascular Solutions Inc. (Minneapolis, MN)
Westa (Rockville, MD)