Hydra-70 2.75 Inch Rocket Systems
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Updated: 2022


The Hydra-70 Rocket System of 2.75-inch air-launched rockets is employed by tri-service and special operating forces on both fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft and is inherently immune to countermeasures. This highly modular rocket family incorporates several different mission-oriented warheads for the Hydra-70 variant, including high-explosive, anti-personnel, multipurpose submunition, red phosphorus smoke, flechette, training, visible-light illumination flare, and infrared illumination flare.


Hydra provides the Warfighter with an air-to-ground suppression, smoke screening, illumination, and direct and indirect fires capability to defeat area, materiel, and personnel targets at close and extended ranges. This Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System II guidance package incorporates precision into the current Hydra-70 weapon system by providing increased stowed kills and point target accuracy while providing capability for low-collateral damage engagements against lightly armored and soft point targets.


  • Diameter: 75 inches
  • Weight: 23–27 pounds (warhead dependent)
  • Length: 55–70 inches (warhead dependent)
  • Range: 300–8,000 meters
  • Velocity: 700-plus meters per second
  • Area suppression: No precision


  • FY16–FY20: In Production


  • FY21–FY24: Continue Production

Acquisition Lifecycle Phase

Production & Deployment

Foreign Military Sales

21 countries including Egypt, India, Iraq, and Japan


  • Prime System: General Dynamics (Burlington, VT)
  • Grain: BAE Systems (Radford, VA)
  • Warhead Fuses: Action Manufacturing (Philadelphia, PA)
  • Shipping Container (Fastpack): CONCO (Louisville, KY)
  • Fin and Nozzle: General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems (Anniston, AL)