U.S. Army DACM Office Human Capital Strategic Plan Initiative

As a supervisor of Army Acquisition Workforce (AAW) professionals, you have unique requirements and opportunities regarding your personnel’s acquisition career development. This site is focused on arming AAW supervisors with tools and resources available in order to better prepare you to assist, advise and manage a multi-disciplined AAW on career development decisions.


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Provides supervisors of Army Acquisition Workforce (AAW) professionals with useful information assisting the workforce in navigating multiple areas of importance to Army acquisition community members. Please see the guide in its entirety as a standalone reference booklet or the individual section summary information sheets.

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Note: While the information contained is current as of its writing, it is understood the DoD-level Back to Basics initiative will bring about changes yet to be fully known. It is recognized this document will need to be updated as changes are released and implemented. See “Back to Basics” for the Defense Acquisition Workforce memorandum at

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Section 1: Position Coding

Section 1 provides a definition of an acquisition position per Chapter 87, Title 10, US Code; an overview of acquisition career fields and levels a discussion of Critical Acquisition Position (CAP) and a process to be followed to code a position as acquisition.

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Section 2: IDP

Section 2 highlights the Civilian Acquisition Personnel and Position Management Information System (CAPPMIS) Individual Development Plan (IDP) used by a supervisor and employee to discuss, plan, and manage continuing education, training, or special experience AAW professionals need to meet position certification requirements and sustain continued learning and development over a five-year period.

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Section 3: Career Models

Section 3 reviews the Director, Acquisition Career Management (DACM) Office-developed Acquisition Career Models for each Army acquisition career field which are intended to serve as notional guides for professional growth and developing a well-rounded AAW civilian professional and models supporting Army officer and noncommissioned officer career progression.

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Section 4: DAU

Section 4 covers a supervisor’s role in the AAW training application process in conjunction with the use of the Army Training Requirements and Resources System as well as monitoring Defense Acquisition University (DAU) resident and virtual-instructor led training status.

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Section 5: Equivalency and Fulfillment

Section 5 reviews DAU Equivalency and Fulfillment programs as an alternative means of meeting individual DAU course learning outcomes/objectives.

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Section 6: CLP's

Section 6 highlights supervisor’s role and CAPPMIS tool use in managing an AAW professional’s continuous learning point (CLP) accumulation; providing CLP policy requirements necessary to meeting the DACM Office fiscal year training objectives; and discusses Army Acquisition Functional Leader recommended coursework further developing AAW professional’s skills and competencies.

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Section 7: Training and Opportunities

Section 7 describes the DACM Office Training and Education Opportunities, CAPPMIS Army Acquisition Professional Development System (AAPDS) resources and the Acquisition Workforce Qualification Initiative Tool assisting supervisors in developing AAW professionals’ technical/functional as well as leadership competencies.

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Section 8: ACF Certification

Section 8 provides an overview of a supervisor’s role in the certification process and the CAPPMIS module, Certification Management System (CMS) tool supporting Army acquisition certification.

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Section 9: SRPE

Section 9 highlights a supervisor’s role supporting the Army Acquisition Corps (AAC) membership process, requirements for AAC membership and CAPPMIS module used to request AAC membership.

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Section 10: DACM Resources

Section 10 presents a supervisor’s role and the CAPPMIS tool used in the annual, fiscal year Senior Rater Potential Evaluation (SRPE) for GS-12 through GS-15 (and pay band equivalents).

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Section 11: Waivers and Tenure Agreements

Section 11 reviews the Army DACM Office and command/agency resources supporting supervisors in advising, developing and managing AAW professionals.

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Section 12: Helpful Links

Section 12 describes Position Extension Requirement and CAP Waivers and the process supervisors/management follows to get them approved.

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