The Army Acquisition Workforce is charged with a critical mission to cultivate innovation, design the impossible, and provide Soldiers with what they need to be successful. This is done through people–a workforce of more than 40,000 Army acquisition professionals from scientists and engineers to accountants and program managers who turn Army requirements into products and services, managing everything from cradle to grave. The Army Acquisition Workforce consists of civilians, officers, and noncommissioned officers in both active and reserve components, who specialize in one of six functional areas and serve in over 20 commands stationed around the globe.

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“I get to make a difference every day. I’m able to shape the future and be part of the solution.”

Misty GloverOperations Director, PEO Missiles and Space

“It’s an honor to do what I do, to help the warfighters complete their mission and get home safely.”

Tracy ElliottAssistant Product Manager, PEO Missiles and Space

“My favorite experience in this job is working oversees. You’re out there witnessing the impact you have within those organizations.”

Mary Ann ShouldersSgt. 1st Class, Contracting Noncommissioned Officers, Army Contracting Command

“The job is dynamic, the job is complex. I learn every day.”

Maj. Bradley BenjaminAssistant Product Manager, PEO Soldier