I am required to be certified at Level III for my position. Must I first obtain certification at Level I and II?NO. You only need to obtain Level III certification. However, keep in mind that many …cert
Can an employee grieve an executed SRPE, regardless of venue warranting the SRPE (i.e. during annual mandate, during CSL, etc.)Yes, bargaining unit employees can grieve any personnel matter if not specifically excluded from the …srpe
SRPE-2 Q: Can an employee decline the completion of a SRPE, as we move to annual mandate?The employee does not have a role in the completion of SRPE. The SRPE is …srpe
What is a Senior Rater Potential Evaluation (SRPE)?The SRPE is a tool to evaluate the potential of civilian employees in designated grades/broadbands …srpe
What is the actual purpose of the SRPE–only board reviews, or used in conjunction with appraisals?As per SRPE Policy, dated 10 July 2015, Paragraphs 3a and 3b, the SRPE is …srpe
Can GS-11s request a SRPE?The system will allow employees, at all grades, to have a SRPE; at the discretion …srpe
Can SRPEs be used for promotions?The SRPE is a tool to evaluate the potential of civilian employees in designated grades/broadbands …srpe
If a Selecting official, as part of a non-BQ selection process (i.e. promotion to a GS-14/equivalent position) wants to request a copy of an employee’s SRPE during interview process, is this acceptable?SRPEs are designed to evaluate an employee’s potential, for Army Director Acquisition Career Management (DACM) …srpe
Under SRPE Policy, Paragraph 4k, it explains the employee must have reported to the rater and SR for a minimum of 90 days. Under current evaluation systems, raters must be in this role for at least 120 days to be eligible to rate an employee, and the SR has no time limitations. What is the rationale for the 90 days?The SRPE is not a performance evaluation system. 90 days is the minimum for the …srpe
What are the ramifications to the employee or rater if the SPRE is not completed as mandated in this policy?As the requirement to complete the SPRE is imposed upon the raters and SRs, there …srpe
Guidance states that the SRPE will be placed in official personnel file? Is this the official personnel file (OPF) with the CPAC?As per SRPE Policy, dated 10 July 2015, Paragraph 4f, if the AAW wishes to …srpe
None of my GS14s or GS13s are bargaining unit employees. Please confirm that this new policy does not go into effect for GS12s until October 2017.Raters are required to include GS-12s, to include BB equivalents, beginning October 2017, assuming all …srpe
If I have over 10 years of active federal service, can I still get a waiver?You may apply for a Time in Service (TIS) Waiver not to exceed 14 years, …51c-rec
If my GT score is less than 110, can I get a waiver?No. You must have a GT score of 110 or higher. There are no waivers. …51c-rec
Do I need 24 hours of business or a Bachelor’s degree to apply for the MOS?No, you do not. However, you will need to complete both your Bachelor’s degree and …51c-rec
How long does it take to get a training seat?It will typically take 6 to 9 months to get a training seat. This will …51c-rec
Do I get ALC credit for attending training?Yes. According to the SMAPP MILPER message, NCOs must complete DLC online common core for …51c-rec
Do I need to take the common core class if I took ALC in my previous MOS?No. You will not need to retake the common core class. However, you will still …51c-rec
Do I need the last four years of NCOERS?If you do not have enough rated time to provide 4 years of evaluations, you …51c-rec
Can a solider submit a packet if he/she is on assignment?No. if the Soldier Record Brief (SRB) indicates the Soldier is on assignment, he/she will …51c-rec
Do I have to reenlist when I complete training as a 51C to meet the service remaining requirement?If you are in the current reenlistment window, you have to reenlist to fulfill the …51c-rec
Do I have to reenlist to submit a packet?No, you do not have to reenlist in order to submit a packet. However, you …51c-rec
I am National Guard/Army Reserves/ or another military service interested in joining the Active Army component, do I qualify?No, MOS 51C is not an initial entry MOS. Therefore, you cannot directly come into …51c-rec
Do I need to have the DAWIA training completed to apply for the MOS?No, there is no need for Soldiers to complete any DAWIA training, online or otherwise. …51c-rec
What if I have a profile?If your PULHES is 222222 or less, you may apply. However, you will be required …51c-rec
Where can I be assigned?We have a number of locations within Army Contracting Command (ACC). Our Contracting Support Brigades …51c-rec
If I have something derogatory in my record, can I still apply or is there a waiver?No. If you have any derogatory information in your records, you do not qualify. As …51c-rec
I do not have a LTC/O-5 for my letter of recommendation. Can I still apply?Yes, you can still apply! Have a Major/O-4 or acting commander sign your letter of …51c-rec
Does my LTC/O-5 need to sign my DA 4187?No. Your company commander can sign the 4187.51c-rec
Can I resubmit my packet for a second board review if I’m not selected the first time?Yes, you can resubmit your packet if you are not selected on your first try. …51c-rec
After an active duty Soldier is selected, do they then wait for a class date or take the online classes and then attend class?Soldiers should wait for their class date. They will get credit and a better understanding …51c-rec
For the E-5 Soldiers, what happens as far as the promotion, is it after the class and the Soldier has been awarded the new MOS?Upon completion of the Army Acquisition Professionals Course (AAPC), Soldiers in the grade of E-5 …51c-rec
Will the results of this evaluation help determine training and promotion opportunities for acquisition professionals?An open dialogue among the AAW member, rater and SR is strongly encouraged, and suggested …srpe
Under Policy Paragraph 4, can you explain the methodology used in determining the order of the defined phases? Also, why aren’t the GS14s and GS15s phasing in at the same time?The NH-IVs will be converted to GS equivalency in the SRPE system, using demo conversion …srpe
Because these are going to be annual evaluations of potential, can the SR potentially change the evaluations of potential determinations of past and current personnel to adjust how they have allocated their evaluation of potential to the 4 rating types?Once the evaluations of potential are deemed final in the system (7 days after completion …srpe
Will current SR SRPEs override prior annual SR SRPEs?All completed/annual SRPEs are stand alone and remain in the system.srpe
Should we advise SR’s to be careful to not give the Exceptional Potential rating unless they have a real superstar for an employee because this stays with them throughout their career as a SR?SRs need to be cognizant of the 50% profile rule and ensure they assign their …srpe
As this is an evaluation of potential for civilians, I am surprised that the Senior Executive Service (SES) Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) are not a part of the evaluation. Is this something that SRs are advised to consider?During the initial implementation of the SRPE in 2001, SES ECQs were considered. It was …srpe
Are individuals typically involved (or recommended to be) in the SRPE process? After implementation, I plan to schedule meetings with my rater and senior rater to discuss my potential. I would imagine the process is time consuming and now the rater/senior rater’s number of evaluations is increasing.An open dialogue between the AAW member, rater and SR is strongly encouraged, and suggested …srpe
This sounds like a process for identifying acquisition professionals who appear to be candidates for promotion. Is that correct?The SPRE is a tool to evaluate the potential of civilian employees in designated grades/broadbands …srpe
Can an SES be the rater and senior rater for an employee, or is the SES’s supervisor the senior rater? Also, can a senior rater be a non-acquisition employee?SRPE Policy, dated 10July2015, Paragraph 4m, defines the SR to be the rater/supervisor, of the …srpe
The SRPE form mentions that an employee may file a reclama. However, the policy does not mention who hears the reclama, or how the responding official responds to the employee’s reclama. Also, if the decision is made to change the potential, who makes the system change and how does this play into the less than 50% mandate?This provision is a new to the SRPE process, as requested by Army Office of …srpe
The policy mentions that a copy of the SRPE may be placed in the employees’ OPF, but performance appraisals are no longer filed in the OPF. Will a separate file be created to house the SRPE within the OPF?If the AAW member is not applying for one of the aforementioned opportunities, the SRPE …srpe
Phase 1 – for broadband equivalents – what is the rule? Our demo project, says to use the highest grade in the pay band; however, if they are a new GS-13/14 pay band at an equivalent GS-13, step 1, I’m not sure that is fair. Should we use salary or the pay band rules?Broadband equivalency is based on pay band rules and salary (aka Step 4 Rule), please …srpe
Are these ratings correlated with CCAS or other personnel appraisal systems?No, the SRPE is not related to any performance appraisal system.srpe
Can the employee receive a copy of the completed SRPE during the 7 day waiting period?During the 7 day waiting period, the SR has the option to provide the employee …srpe
Why does phase 1 only include GS-14 or equiv. and not GS-15s? I assume, but need to validate, GS-15s are already at the top of what we can control, to move up they will go to SES boards, etc.?The purpose of the phased approach to mandate is to ensure that the raters and …srpe
Do we need to gain approval from our individual Unions or is USAASC still working this?Prior to policy signature, national union consultation occurred, and comments were cleared by the USAASC …srpe
Who is the SR for matrixed personnel supporting another organization (i.e. Program Executive Offices (PEOs))?The Parent organization will complete the SRPE on their matrixed acquisition employees. However, the Matrix …srpe
If the SR is incorrect, how does the supervisor change the name of the SR to reflect the correct name?Supervisors can change an employee’s SR when they initiate the SRPE Request in the supervisor’s …srpe
If a SR is departing in December, and the new SR starts in January, who should complete the SRPE?When possible, the departing SR should rate early, so the employee is not disadvantaged by …srpe
A group of people require SRPEs, the SR has left and will probably be unwilling/unable to rate the employees. Would they wait for the 90 days to be rated by the new SR, which would make them past the due date or just use another supervisor/rater that works in the organization?They would wait 90 days. srpe
Is there a minimum time a rater/senior rater should be in the position in order to rate you? In my personal experience, I have had a few supervisors with less than 90 days on the job, but rating me in CCAS, which I have mixed feelings about. When possible, due to the purpose and longevity of these evaluations, rater/senior raters should be in an individual’s chain of command for 6 months before rating individuals.90 days is the minimum for the rater and SR. This policy has been in …srpe
Is the SPRE completed 1 Oct no matter what the employee’s rating cycle is?As the SRPE is not tied to the performance appraisal process, the SRPE cycle is …srpe
The date these evaluations are due is unclear. Is the window open 1 Oct – 31 December?The SRPE mandate commences this FY with the evaluation period ending 30 September. The rater …srpe
Does the period for the SRPE have to be 1 Oct – 30 Sep or can it be any period in that time longer than 4 months. In other words, does it have to be a 1 year period? And, does it have to be the FY? Our rating cycle runs 1 July – 30 Jun and for the rater’s sake, I would like to marry these up.The cycle needs to remain fiscal year, and must occur within 90 days. This is …srpe
Under the DOD Civilian Acq WF PDP, for phase I, do NH IVs count, since the rules say use the highest grade level, which is a GS-15 equivalent. I would assume all of NH-IVs fall into Phase IV?The phases are designed/driven by general schedule grades, with GS14s (and their BB equivalents – …srpe
When the SR is in the process of completing the SRPE form, there is an entry that states “I currently rate ___ employees in this grade/pay grade”. How is this number computed?When the SR is ready to finalize his/her SRPE form for an employee, the system …srpe
Why do some employees, in the IDP module, show “Request a SRPE” and others do not? Initially, the IDP/SRPE database was set up to show all GS-12s/Equivalents and above as needing …srpe
Do boards have access to the profile of SR’s percentages?Many indicated they would like to see it printed on the form.  The SRPE Software …srpe
An email notification was sent to an employee upon completion of SRPE application, but the employee is unable to review the SRPE in the system. Why?The system automatically notifies the employee upon completion of a SRPE. At such time, the …srpe
Will there be a profile reset?No. There is no profile reset.srpe
How long does a SRPE stay in CAPPMIS? For example, when a new SRPE is created, is the old one moved to history, or deleted?SRPES remain in CAPPMIS for an indeterminate amount of time. SRPEs are not deleted.srpe
Who will be able to access these documents?Only the AAW member, his/her rater, and his/her SR. If an AAW member elects to …srpe
Will employees get a chance to see how they are evaluated under this process?The SPRE is an automated module within the career acquisition management portal (camp)/career acquisition personnel …srpe
How do we, as a command, quality check the SRPEs?Each Organization’s Acquisition Point of Contact (OAP) can review the compliancy of their organization, using …srpe
Once the SRPE is completed by the SR can corrections be made?Corrections can only be made within the first 7 days following the finalization of the …srpe
Will USAASC/Army DACM Office develop a report in CAPPMIS to assist OAPs with this policy?The USAASC Army DACM office is developing user manuals to help AAW members, their raters, …srpe
I understand about the SPRE user manuals; will face-to-face trainers be available if requested by organizations?Subject to the availability of resources, requests for face-to-face trainers can be considered. Utilization of …srpe
As the SRPE Rater (i.e. 1st level supervisor), I made an error in preparing the SRPE for one of my employees. The SRPE has not been signed by the Senior Rater, nor submitted to the RATED Employee. How do I go about making subsequent changes to the Rater Portion of the SRPE?SRPEs may only be unlocked by the USAASC Army Director of Acquisition Career Management (DACM) …srpe
I have made an error in preparing the SRPE for one of my employees. How do I go about making changes after the SRPE has been deemed final, and subsequently “locked” from enabling additional updates?After an employee signs and submits their SRPE or after the seven (7) day wait …srpe
Our organization will not be able to reach 100% compliance with the SRPE Phased implementation suspense dates; how do we apply for an exception/extension?The Army DACM office may, on a case by case basis, allow an extension to …srpe
I may not be able to complete all of the required SRPE’s by the mandated phased implementation suspense dates; will the SRPE system lock me out?No. The SRPE system will continue to allow you to complete SRPEs for AAW members.srpe
I am an Organizational Point of Contact (OAP), and when I review the SRPE Impact Reports for my organization, I see that the Senior Rater is still identified as the IDP Senior Rater, and does not reflect the change the Rater has made to the Senior Rater designation.The SRPE report pulled by OAPs will always show the IDP Rater and the IDP …srpe
I am an Army Acquisition Workforce (AAW) member, and part of a local bargaining union (BU). When will I be mandated to have an annual SRPE?IAW Army DACM SRPE policy, signed 10 July 2015, BU employees will be subject to …srpe
I am not a member of the Army Acquisition Workforce (AAW), may I request a SRPE?The mission of the Army DACM Office is to provide support to AAW members, IAW …srpe
Does the SRPE policy apply to rehired annuitants?The SRPE policy, applies to all civilian members of the Army Acquisition Workforce, with career …srpe
I am about to leave my current position, but we are not in a current SRPE annual reporting cycle. What should I do?If you are an Army Acquisition Workforce member, and plan to depart your current position …srpe
Can the SRPE be utilized as part of the application process for local training and/or developmental opportunities?Yes, Army Acquisition Workforce organizations may utilize the SRPE for training opportunities, provided the organization …srpe
Are Senior Rater profiles published and/or made available?No. Individual SR profiles are NOT published or made available to anyone but the SR …srpe
How does the Supervisor or the Senior Rater handle doing a SRPE on a person who is deployed during the rating period. Does a SRPE still get done on this person?Yes a SRPE is still required for a deployed employee. The SRPE is automated and …srpe
Where may the Senior Rater view suggested comments for utilization in preparation of the SRPE?The Army DACM Office is unable to provide sample comments for this purpose. However, as …srpe
I received an automated email from USAASCCAMP.SRPE stating that I’m required to have my SRPE completed for FY16. I started work for the Army Sept. 18, 2016. My SRPE tab in CAMP shows my start date as of Oct. 1, 2015. I believe this is in error.The SRPE system does not differentiate between start dates for AAW members, it simply identifies …srpe
I noticed that a SRPE was started, but never completed for the prior potential evaluation cycle. What action is necessary, at this point?When each new cycle starts, no action is necessary nor permissible on any prior cycle …srpe
My Senior Rater was changed during the last SRPE Cycle. Who is my Senior Rater for the current SRPE cycle?Each year the SRPE System will reset. Meaning, the SRPE cycle will restart, and any …srpe
Where can I find additional training and information on the annual SRPE?The Army DACM Office has made numerous visits to the field, providing training to AAW …srpe
What is an Acquisition Career Management Advocate?Acquisition Career Management Advocates (ACMAs). A senior level Acquisition Corps member, chartered by the Director …misc
What is Certification?Certification is the process through which it is determined that an individual meets the mandatory …cert
What are Certifying Officials?Certifying Officials (COs). Individuals responsible for reviewing, validating/revalidating, approving/disapproving, requests for certification in all acquisition …cert
I no longer work for the Department of Army. How can I obtain a copy of my DAWIA certificates?If you still have a CAC, you can log into CAMP, access CAPPMIS, and pull …cert
Who is the Army DACM?The Army Director of Career Management, is the official appointed to assist The Army Acquisition …misc
What is DAWDF?The Defense Acquisition Workforce Development Fund was established in Section 852 of the 2008 National …misc
What is a Component Acquisition Executive?A Component Acquisition Executive (CAE) is the Service Acquisition Executive of a Military Department or …misc
What is a Contracting Officer?A Contracting Officer is a person with the authority to enter into, administer, and/or terminate …misc
What is the Workforce Education, Training, and Career Development Program?The Army Acquisition Workforce Education and Training Program includes the structure, resources, policies, and procedures …misc
What are Functional Advisors?Functional Advisors (FAs) are senior DoD officials who serve as the subject matter expert for …misc
What is a Senior Contracting Official?A Senior Contracting Official is a director of contracting, or a principal deputy to a …misc
What are Record Briefs?There are a few types of Record Briefs, which are the official document of record …misc
What are Functional Representatives?Acquisition Functional Representatives. Serve as the decision authority for certifications and appeals, as indicated in …misc
I have a reservation for a DAU resident (classroom) course. When will I receive course information?DAU resident course Welcome emails will be sent 60 days prior to the course start …train
The DAU Centrally funded Line of Accounting was already placed on my DTS orders; however, my orders were cancelled. How can I get the Line of Accounting placed back on my new DTS orders?Send an email to
I did not successfully complete a distance learning DAU course and need to re-apply for the course but the system is not allowing me to reapply?Please wait 48 hours from your unsuccessful attempt to re-apply to same course. If you …train
Does DAU fund my local travel to a DAU course?No, effective 12 August 2013, we no longer fund local travel. Your Command/Unit is responsible …train
When applying for DAU resident course, why are some class offerings listed in red font?The courses listed in red font are full with waits. Recommend you select a course …train
How does the system determine my cost effective location(s)?  The cost effective location (CEL) is a moving target. It is dynamic and will …train
How do I dis-enroll or cancel an on-line DAU course?Login to your Virtual Campus account at and select the “Withdraw” button next to …train
My application for a DAU course was disapproved because I have not completed the prerequisite course. However, I was certified a few years ago and met the training required at that time. Can this prerequisite be waived?Acquisition employees may submit a request for a prerequisite waiver through a Help Request at …train
I accidentally cancelled my DAU course reservation. I want to attend the course. How can I retrieve the cancellation request?Contact the U.S. Army Acquisition Support Center Help Desk at (575) 678-2247 to request that …train
What are the guidelines for use of ATAP funding?Funding information can be found in the ATAP Policy and Procedures at  atap
How do I apply for fulfillment of DAU courses?The DoD offers a set of competencies for course fulfillment. Fulfillment is a process by …fulfillment
Will I receive Continuous Learning Points (CLPs) for DAU courses for which I was granted fulfillment credit?No. CLPs are only awarded for successful completion of the actual DAU courses. See the …fulfillment
I completed the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) Masters of Acquisition and Contract Management. How do I get credit for the Defense Acquisition University (DAU) courses associated with the degree?Dept of Army will grant fulfillment credit for the DAU courses as identified in DACM …fulfillment
I completed the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS)/Air force Institute of Technology (AFIT) Masters of Cost Estimating and Analysis (MCEA). How can I get credit for the Defense Acquisition University (DAU) courses associated with the degree?Dept of Army will grant fulfillment credit for the DAU courses as identified in DDACM …fulfillment
What is the Military Acquisition Position List (MAPL) process?The MAPL is a statutory requirement supported by a process that validates, prioritizes, and then …pld
What is the Central Select List (CSL) Analysis and Review process?The CSL Review is conducted annually by the Principal Military Deputy (PMILDEP) and approved by …pld
Why can’t I view the Military Acquisition Position List (MAPL)?The MAPL synchronizes DAWIA (10 U.S. Code § 1722) and the Army’s force management process. …pld
, What is the chartering process?The Army Acquisition Executive (AAE), with the U.S. Army Acquisition Support Center (USAASC) as the …fsmc pld
What is the Tenure and Program Management Agreement (T&PMA)?All PMs/PdMs are required to sign a T&PMA prior to assuming command.  This agreement acknowledges …pld
What is the U.S. Army Acquisition Center of Excellence (AACoE)?The Army Acquisition Center of Excellence is a centralized training, education, and career development school …aacoe
What courses are offered at AACoE?The Army Acquisition Professionals Course (AAPC), 9 weeks, ATTRS course ID FA51AAPC (Level I Contracting, …aacoe
What is the course sequence for AACoE courses?Newly assessed Acquisition Soldiers (both officers and NCOs) will attend the Army Acquisition Professionals Course …aacoe
How do I obtain a quota for an AACoE course?Military: To obtain a quota for AACoE courses you need to coordinate with your assignment …aacoe
How do I obtain funding for an AACoE course?Soldiers will need to coordinate with their resource managers to obtain a line of accounting …aacoe
How do I obtain a waiver for an AACoE course pre-requisite?To obtain a waiver for any course pre-requisite the Solider will have to contact their …aacoe
Where can I go to find further information on AACoE and the courses offered at AACoE?Further information about AACoE and AACoE courses can be found at
Is there a Continued Service Agreement required to participate in ATAP?Yes. Beginning October 1, 2012, applicants must agree in writing to serve in the Federal …atap
When is the ATAP Program announced?The ATAP training opportunity is announced either in the 3rd or 4th quarter of each …atap
Who may apply for ATAP?Permanent Army acquisition civilian members and Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) 51 Contracting (51C) Noncommissioned Officers …atap
What are the eligibility requirements for ATAP?Information can be found in the AET Catalog at in the “Publications” section. The …atap
When can I take my first class once selected into the ATAP?October 1st of each FY is the earliest date the ATAP will fund courses for …atap
When does the Fiscal Year (FY) begin and end?The FY begins October 1st and ends September 30th.atap
What are Acquisition and or business-related disciplines/courses?Acquisition and/business-related disciplines or courses underpin the functions of the Army Acquisition workforce. These disciplines …atap
When can I apply for ATAP?Applications for the ATAP are accepted during an open announcement either in the 3rd or …atap
How competitive is the ATAP?The ATAP program is a non-competitive program that provides funding towards required business hours or …atap
Do I need to submit a new application for the ATAP program for each FY?Once you have been selected into the program, you do not need to complete a …atap
Once I complete my bachelor’s degree can I continue in ATAP to obtain my master’s degree?Once you have completed a program of study you have officially completed ATAP. You must …atap
How many classes am I required to take per term?You are required to take at least one class per term. You may take more …atap
Does ATAP fund the cost of books and materials?ATAP will not fund registration fees, parking costs, travel expenses, entrance exams, graduation fees, the …atap
Does ATAP fund dual major, certification, law degrees, Doctorate degrees or PhDs?ATAP will not be used to fund professional degrees (i.e. PhD, MD or JD), dual …atap
Does ATAP fund prerequisites?ATAP will not fund prerequisite course work required for admission into the approved course of …atap
Does ATAP fund electives?ATAP does not fund electives or general education courses.atap
Does ATAP fund second degrees?ATAP funding is limited to one educational goal and will not be used to fund …atap
What is the procedure for funding my courses?Payments are made directly to the college or university when the school presents proper documentation …atap
Is ATAP a reimbursable program?ATAP is a tuition assistance program. Participants will not be reimbursed for any prepaid tuition …atap
What types of waivers are available for the Acquisition Workforce?There are primarily two types of waivers available for members of the Acquisition Workforce, (1) …waivers
I made a tentative selection to fill a Critical Acquisition Position. However, the selectee is a not a member of the Acquisition Corps. What process do I need to follow to place this selectee into the position?There’s a two phase process in filling a CAP/KLP position with an individual that has …waivers
One of my employees has failed to meet their position certification requirement within the grace period. Is it possible to request for an extension?If you believe the individuals failure to meet the certification requirements is due to circumstances …waivers
I will not be able to obtain certification by the end of the grace period. How can I submit for an extension?You cannot request a extension waiver, but your organization can submit a position waiver on …waivers
What is a Critical Acquisition Position (CAP)?Critical Acquisition Positions (CAPs) are a subset of Army Acquisition Workforce (AAW) positions specifically designated …aac
What is a Key Leadership Position (KLP)?Key Leadership Positions (KLPs) are a subset of CAPs designated by the Component Acquisition Executive …aac
What is the Army Acquisition Corps (AAC)?The AAC is a subset of the Army Acquisition Workforce (AAC), and is comprised of …aac
Who can apply for Army Acquisition Corps (AAC) membership?“The applicant must either: Occupy a designated Department of the Army (DA) AL&T position at …aac
How do I apply for Army Acquisition Corps (AAC) membership?To apply for Army Acquisition Corps membership, please submit electronically through the CAMP website at …aac
As a non-acquisition workforce employee can I apply for AAC membership?You cannot apply as a non-acquisition employee for AAC membership. If you have been tentatively …aac
How can I obtain a copy of my AAC membership documents?You can print a copy of your AAC membership documents in CAPPMIS at, click …aac
I no longer work for the Department of Army. How can I obtain a copy of my Corps Membership documents?If you still have a CAC, you can log into CAMP, access CAPPMIS, and pull …aac
I received Acquisition Corps membership from another DoD Agency. How can I get it added to my ACRB?Please scan and upload a copy of your Corps membership document to a Help Request …aac
What is an ACRB?The Acquisition Career Record Brief (ACRB) is a one-page display of your pertinent acquisition information. …acrb
Why is the ACRB important?Your ACRB is a tool to help manage your career and should be updated periodically …acrb
Where does the data come from to populate my ACRB?The ACRB data comes from many sources: Twice monthly input files provided by Defense Civilian …acrb
How can I access my ACRB?The ACRB is available to Army Acquisition Workforce (AAW) Civilians at The first time …acrb
If any information on my ACRB is incomplete or incorrect, how do I correct it?Employees have access to edit some sections of their ACRB. To make these corrections yourself, …acrb
How can I get the Acquisition Position Category (APC)/Acquisition Career Field (ACF) changed on my ACRB?Section I (Current Position Data) of your ACRB reflects the career field and level required …acrb
How can I get the Acquisition Certification Level changed on my ACRB?Section I (Current Position Data) of your ACRB reflects the career field and level required …acrb
According to Section III of my ACRB, my Workforce Status shows Non-acquisition. How do I get my status changed to Acquisition?The workforce status is shown in two sections of the ACRB (Section I and Section …acrb
The “date entered present position” on my ACRB is incorrect. How can I get it changed?This date is shown in two sections of the ACRB (Section III and Section IX). …acrb
How can I change my phone number on my ACRB?Log into CAPPMIS at, click on CAPPMIS on the navigation bar, click on the …acrb
How can I change my email address on my ACRB?Log into CAPPMIS at <a href=”” target=”_blank”></a>, click on CAPPMIS on the navigation bar, click …acrb
How can I change my name on my ACRB?To change your name, you must contact your local Civilian Personnel Advisory Center (CPAC) for …acrb
How can I change my mailing address on my ACRB?To change your address please go to the Defense Finance and Accounting System website at …acrb
How can I update the security information on my ACRB (Section II)?This data is pulled from the personnel database (DCPDS) and transferred from DCPDS into CAPPMIS …acrb
How does the degree information on my ACRB (Section VII-Education) get updated?The education information on your ACRB is updated based on information shown in your record …acrb
I am working towards a degree; how can I have that reflected on my ACRB.Only awarded degrees can be added to the Education section of the ACRB. Upon completion …acrb
Why is my promotion/reassignment not showing on my ACRB?Civilian Personnel Actions are first entered into the Defense Civilian Personnel Data System (DCPDS). Twice …acrb
How do I add my previous experience to my ACRB (Section IX – Assignment History)?To add previous experience to your ACRB, log into CAPPMIS at, click on CAPPMIS …acrb
The information in the top line of my Assignment History (Section IX) on my ACRB is incorrect. How do I fix it?The first line in this section depicts your current position. This data is pulled from …acrb
I just completed a DAU course; when will it show up on my ACRB?The course will not show up on the ACRB/IDP immediately. First the student must be …acrb
How do I add Non-DAU courses/training to my ACRB?In order to receive Continuous Learning Points and/or to add the courses to your ACRB, …acrb
Why is my certification not showing on my ACRB when I already completed the DAU training?Certification is not automatically granted. To apply for certification, please submit electronically through the CAMP …acrb
I achieved several levels of certification, so why are they not showing in Section X of my ACRB?All levels of certifications granted in each career field are listed in the CAPPMIS database; …acrb
I was recently assigned to an Army acquisition position. Prior to this assignment, I completed DAU courses. How do I add these courses to my ACRB?The Army DACM Office gets an updated list from ATRRS of all of your previous …acrb
Why can’t I access the ACRB as a military member?Military personnel’s official document of record is the ORB/ERB and therefore you don’t have access …acrb
What is CAPPMIS?CAPPMIS is the Career Acquisition Personnel & Position Management Information System. CAPPMIS houses the software …camp
I am a Department of Army Non-Acquisition employee. How do I obtain a CAMP account?Non-acquisition employees are not added to CAMP. However, access can be granted for Non-acquisition supervisors …camp
I am trying to add my new employee to my Supervisor module within CAMP, but my employee’s information cannot be found. What could be the problem?Assuming that the employee’s position has been coded as acquisition in the personnel system (DCPDS), …camp
The CAMP system does not recognize my SSN? What do I do?Assuming that your position has been coded as acquisition in the personnel system, your data …camp
When I try to log into CAMP, the system is no longer recognizing my CAC. What should I do?Recommend re-associating your CAC to your CAMP account at by clicking the “Login using …camp
I received an error message when trying to access CAMP regarding untrusted SSL server certificate issues?Suggest you contact your local network support
My screen “flickers” when attempting to create a new CAMP account.Log completely out of CAMP and then login again by clicking the Login using CAC …camp
How does TED communicate with CAPPMIS?TED downloads information to your CAPPMIS IDP. a. IDP Planning. All TED class requests and …camp
Where can I find the current listing of acquisition certification standards?The defense acquisition certification standards are posted and maintained on the DAU interactive catalog at …cert
I am a Department of Army Civilian Acquisition employee. How do I apply for DAWIA certification?To apply for acquisition certification, please submit electronically through the CAMP website at Once …cert
I am a Department of Army Military Acquisition member. How do I apply for DAWIA certification?To apply for acquisition certification, please submit electronically through the CAMP website at Once …cert
I am a Department of Army Civilian but not in an acquisition position. How do I apply for DAWIA certification?You are not eligible to receive certification unless you are currently assigned to an acquisition …cert
I am a Department of Army Military member, but not in an Acquisition billet. How do I apply for DAWIA certification?As an Active Duty military member, you are not eligible to receive certification unless you …cert
Why doesn’t the system allow me to apply for a certification outside of my career field?Please refer to Paragraph 4c of the Dept of Army Certification Policy and Procedures at …cert
Is it possible to use education towards acquisition experience when trying to obtain certification?Yes. Paragraph 4k of the Dept of Army Certification Policy and Procedures at states …cert
How can I add my FAC/FAI acquisition certification to my ACRB?Federal Acquisition Certification (FAC) issued by a non-DoD Federal Agency is not recognized by the …cert
If I am denied certification by a certifying official, do I have any recourse?Yes. The certification process allows an applicant who is denied certification by a certifying official …cert
I was denied certification; I was told that because I already have a certification in another career field, I could not use the same experience to obtain this certification. Where is this policy written?Please refer to the Dept of Army Certification Policy and Procedures at Paragraph 4k(1) …cert
How do I get started with my automated acquisition IDP (Individual Development Plan)?You may access your IDP at  Once logged in, you must first list your Objectives.  …idp
If I experience problems with my automated acquisition IDP, who can I contact?If you need assistance with the content of your IDP, you should discuss with your …idp
How do I update my grade, job title, or any assignment-related information on the front page of my IDP?Neither you nor the ACM can make these changes directly.  Twice each month, position data …idp
I noticed that there is an “Add Other Training (free text)” button under the Planning section of my IDP. What is this button used for?Use this category to add all training or experience not found under any other Category …idp
I want to take a DAU course that is not required for my career field. How do I add it to my IDP?Log into CAPPMIS, select the IDP tab, then “Planning”, then click on the “Add DAU …idp
How do I add DAU courses to my IDP so that I can pursue a secondary certification?Log into CAPPMIS, select the IDP tab, then “Planning”, then click on the “Add DAU …idp
How do I update my supervisor’s email address in my IDP?Only your supervisor can update the supervisor email address by using the CHANGE EMAIL ADDRESS …idp
I have a new supervisor. How do I add him/her to my IDP?You cannot add your new supervisor’s name to your IDP.  Please advise your new supervisor …idp
How do I submit my IDP for my Supervisor’s approval?After adding all appropriate training in the “Planning” section of the IDP, you must select …idp
I have just been appointed as a supervisor of acquisition workforce employees; to assist them with their acquisition career management efforts, what do I need to do?You must first identify (“claim”) your acquisition workforce employees in the “Supervisors Module” of the …idp
My supervisor is not a member of the acquisition workforce. How does my supervisor access my IDP?If your supervisor is not a member of the acquisition workforce he/she will need to …idp
Is there a cost for DAU courses?There is no tuition cost to the organization for DAU Courses for civilian employees or …train
Where can I review/get a copy of the DAU Course Schedule?ATRRS Data-on-Demand at allows you to review the DAU Course Schedule. NOTE: Since changes …train
I use the TED system. How do I apply for DAU classes?Steps for applying for DAU classes for TED users: Request the DAU class in TED. …train
Why does AITAS say I do not have an approved IDP, when I know my supervisor approved my TED request for this course?Occasionally, supervisor TED approvals may not properly post to CAPPMIS (usually because the TED or …train
Is the DAU course registration done automatically when I get the course approved on my IDP?No. Your application must be submitted via AITAS. AITAS is interfaced with the IDP system …train
I am a Civilian Army Acquisition Workforce Employee. How do I apply for a DAU course?Prepare an application by accessing the ATRRS Internet Training Application System (AITAS) at Once …train
I am a Military Army Acquisition Workforce Employee. How do I apply for a DAU course?Prepare an application by accessing the ATRRS Internet Training Application System (AITAS) at Once …train
I am an Army employee (Civilian/Military), but not a part of the Army acquisition workforce. How do I apply for a DAU course?Prepare an application by accessing the ATRRS Internet Training Application System (AITAS) at Select Apply …train
I am a Contractor providing support to an Army organization. Can I apply for and complete DAU training?Defense Industry employees of companies supporting DoD may attend DAU courses at no cost to …train
Can I submit a DAU course application in AITAS for a location that is not shown as the “most cost effective”?Only if your organization is willing to pay travel and per diem.  train
I submitted my Travel Order request through DTS for a class for which the DAU Centrally funded Line of Accounting had been entered; however I received a notification that there is insufficient funding on my Line of Accounting. How can I get this corrected?Send an email to  train
When applying for a DAU course which lists several available dates, may I submit more than one application?You may only submit one application at a time for a particular course; however, once …train
When applying for a DAU course in AITAS, I noticed a column heading of “Reserv Cut-Off”. What does this mean?Courses with a Reserve Cut-Off have required pre-course work associated with the class. This is …train
How are the class priorities set for the DAU courses?Individuals are considered for DAU courses according to the priorities as listed below.  Priorities 1 …train
I submitted my DAU course application through AITAS, but my supervisor has not received the automated email notification. What could be wrong?Unless you have been experiencing email problems or the email server was down, the email …train
I am a supervisor trying to approve a DAU course application in AITAS for one of my employees; but when I try to access the application, it says I have entered an invalid email address or application review code. What could be wrong?  Make sure you are entering the same email address that the email was sent …train
What happens to my application for a DAU Resident (Classroom) course when I submit it through AITAS?You, the employee, will automatically receive an email notifying you that your application was sent …train
How long does it take to process a DAU course application through AITAS once the supervisor has approved it?Once the supervisor approves the application, the application is sent to a USAASC course manager. …train
How can I be sure that my DAU application in AITAS was actually submitted?Under the “Student” menu on the AITAS main menu, select “Review Application(s)”.  Then “Select your …train
How do I check the status of my DAU course application in AITAS?TRAIN-20 A:  Under the “Student” menu on the AITAS main menu at, select “Review …train
Why is the DAU course application that I submitted not showing up when I review my application in AITAS?When you submit an application, a window pops up to tell you that an application …train
How will I know if I am registered for a DAU class?When your DAU application is processed by USAASC, both the employee and supervisor will receive …train
My position and workforce status have changed. I previously applied for a DAU class, but now that my status has changed, my priority for the class is incorrect. How can I get my priority changed?If your DAU course application was either already processed with the lower priority, or it …train
How do I change/correct my email address in AITAS?From the AITAS Homepage, click on “Update Profile”, and change/correct your email address.  When completed, …train
What does a “wait” status in a DAU course mean?Each branch of the service is allotted a certain number of seats in each DAU …train
How do I cancel an application for a DAU Resident (Classroom) course?Students unable to attend a DAU class for which they have a reservation, must initiate …train
I submitted a cancellation request for a DAU course through AITAS; I need to resubmit my application for the same course, but it will not allow me to do so. Why?A cancellation request, just like an application, must also be approved by USAASC. Until USAASC …train
How do I register for a DAU Continuous Learning Module or Harvard Business School module?You may submit your application at On the left hand side of the screen …train
I’m trying to apply for a DAU Continuous Learning Module or Harvard Business School module in AITAS but the system says that I do not have an approved IDP. What do I do?There is no requirement to add DAU Continuous Learning Modules or Harvard Business School modules …train
What is the DAU “No-show” Policy?If a student cannot attend a DAU class for which they have a reservation, they …train
Can I attend a DAU class without going through the proper channels? Is there a DAU “walk-in” procedure?Follow the DAU Directive 704 Student Academic Policies and Information link at, then click …train
Are there any consequences for failing a course?Yes, your training priority will be downgraded by one priority. Your command must fund your …train
Who can attend classes held in OCONUS?Students with a duty station located in the continental United States (CONUS) are not authorized …train
How can I get a list of DAU classes that I have completed?You can view/print a copy of your DAU transcript at
I completed a DAU course that seems similar in content to the current DAU course. How can I find out if this course is the same as the course currently required for DAWIA certification?  DAU courses are updated for currency. They may undergo name changes, number changes, or …train
I have completed courses that I feel are equivalent to the DAU classes. How can I get credit for completing these courses?Several training providers offer courses that have been certified equivalent to DAU curriculum courses and …train
I feel I have the education, training, and experience required for a DAU course (fulfillment). How do I get credit for the class?The DoD offers a set of competencies for course fulfillment.  Fulfillment is a process by …train
I completed an online DAU course, but did not get the certificate. How do I obtain my certificate?To view or print a copy of your DAU completion certificate, log into the DAU …train
How do I get my travel orders to attend my DAU class?If a DAU training application has been approved as a reservation and you are eligible …train
How do I check the status of my Travel Worksheet?Go to AITAS at Select “Create/Edit Travel Worksheet” and log in. The status of …train
Who do I contact if I have any questions about my travel orders or travel vouchers for a DAU course?For FUNDING questions, send an email to For questions regarding CREATING the travel order …train
What is Core Plus?The Core Plus construct was designed to advance the DoD Army Acquisition Workforce (AAW) competency …train
Besides DAU, are there any other on-line training sources that can be accessed to obtain CLPs?An additional source for training to obtain CLPs might be the Army E-Learning training site. …train
What is the definition of Acquisition?Acquisition is the conceptualization, initiation, design, development, test, contracting, production, deployment, logistics support, modification, and …misc
How are positions identified as acquisition workforce positions?Reference the Defense Acquisition Workforce Program Desk Guide at, Section 1  misc
I am a new Army Acquisition employee and was told that I must meet specific requirements. Where can I find information to help me get started?Please refer to the “Civilian Steps to Planning Your Acquisition Career” at
What is an APC Code?The Acquisition Position Code (APC) is the functional subset that has been identified for the …misc
What are Continuous Learning Points (CLP)?The Department of Army Continuous Learning Policies can be found at The purpose of …clp
How do I obtain Continuous Learning Points (CLPs)?The Individual Development Plan (IDP) in CAPPMIS at is the primary vehicle used to …clp
What are CEU’s (Continuing Education Units) and how do they relate to CLP (Continuous Learning Points)?CEU’s are assigned to most classes and are shown on the course completion certificate and …clp
I just hired an employee into an acquisition position. Since he was hired partway into the current continuous learning cycle, is he still required to complete the entire 80 CLPs?Army policy requires that all Continuous Learning (CL) cycle dates will reflect one standard CL …clp
I have received awards that are not listed in Section VIII (Awards) of my ACRB. How can I add these awards?The TEN most recent awards can be displayed in Section VIII (Awards) of the ACRB. …acrb
How can I change which training is displayed on my ACRB?In Section VI (Acq/Leader Training) of the ACRB, a total of 26 courses will display …acrb
Where can I find guidance regarding acquisition experience?Position Category Descriptions for each acquisition career field can be found at  acrb
I received Acquisition certification from another DoD Agency. How can I get it added to my ACRB?Please scan and upload a copy of your acquisition certification award document to a Help …cert
I am trying to upload my college transcripts to my CAPPMIS application (CMS/AACMS). I have more than one transcript, but the system only allows me to upload one, what do I do?The CAPPMIS system only allows you to upload one document; so if multiple pages are …cert
How can I check the status of my acquisition certification request?In the Certification Management System (CMS) tab in CAPPMIS, you may view your application status …cert
What is an Assignment Officer?Assignment Officer. Military officers assigned to the HRC, AMB serving in a capacity to assign …misc
What are Functional Chief Representatives?Functional Chief Representatives Representatives are designated by the Functional Chief in the occupational area associated …misc
What are Proponency Officers?Proponency Officers are Individuals assigned to USAASC who are responsible for: reviewing and developing policy …misc
What do I put for the Federal Tax ID?The Federal Tax ID number can be obtained from your lending institution. This is the …slrp
What kind of loan documentation is acceptable?The loan documentation that needs to be provided may be screen shots and printed documents, …slrp
Can I enter more than one loan to be repaid?Yes, you can enter multiple loans totaling up to $10,000.slrp
I am currently receiving loan repayment money from my organization (or any other organization) am I still eligible to apply for ASC’s SLRP?Federal employees, by law, can only receive $10,000 per calendar year towards student loan repayment. …slrp
Can I stop paying on my loan after I am accepted into the program?No, DO NOT stop your payments on your loan(s). If you default, we will not …slrp
What amount do I put in Line 2 of the Civilian Service Agreement?The amount of your outstanding loan balance (not to exceed $10,000).slrp
I was accepted in 2012 and my loan is still being paid on, should I use the amount paid so far to fill in the blanks or should I project everything as if the full amount has been paid?You should project everything as if the entire amount you were approved for last year …slrp
I made a mistake on my application but it’s already submitted, can I change it?Yes, your application can be opened for you to make revisions; however, it can only …slrp
I am a term employee, am I still eligible to apply?If you are a term employee with AT LEAST 3 more years on your term …slrp
Why do I need an Acquisition IDP?The acquisition IDP is an automated Individual Development Plan.  Army Acquisition Workforce (AAW) members are …idp
How do I obtain a transcript for courses I completed at AACoE?If you attended AACoE courses prior to FY16 you must obtain a transcript from the …aacoe
Where are the military training schools located?You will attend the nine week Army Acquisition Professional Course (AAPC) at the Acquisition Center …51c-rec
If an employee receives a -1 or -2 as a category numerical score, then shouldn’t the PAQL score be a “1”?The categorical numerical scores address compensation. Whether or not the employee is appropriately compensated. A …acqdemo
Under AcqDemo, we used to have the choice of whether to calculate the WGI Buy-in for the date of the last WGI or from the date of the QSI. Is that still an option under the new AcqDemo FRN?The Buy-in is calculated from the effective date of the last within-grade-increase, not the effective …acqdemo
I am new to AcqDemo and need access to CAS2Net?Contact your organizations’ Pay Pool admin and provide your EDIPI to setup a new account …acqdemo
What pay increases can be offered to a candidate who is already in AcqDemo?Salary increases in these instances take place during the pay pool panel process during the …acqdemo
Are there pay setting limitations when a selected candidate is already in AcqDemo?If the candidate is selected for a position that is the same as his/her current …acqdemo
Can an employee receive a salary increase if moving to a position with a higher control point, but within the same broadband level? EX.) A supervisory position will most likely have a higher control point than a non-supervisory position within the same broadband (NH04).Salary increases within a broadband level can only occur within the annual CCAS appraisal process. …acqdemo
For employee that are on retained pay and do not have a base pay, what amount should be used for their base pay (Step 10, $136,659)?Base Pay for those on retained pay if their entire pay (the combination of base …acqdemo
For Supervisor Differentials, are there instructions on how to process these actions?See chapter 3 of the 31 August Army Supplement to the DoD Operating Guide.acqdemo
Will there be a note on the Part 1 that explains the TOA in lieu of CA? If not, would there be an option to add a remark to the Part 1?Notes that show on the Part 1s are added to the CMS Spreadsheet/Data tab/Column AD …acqdemo
Are there instructions on how and when to process the TOA in lieu of CA?See USAASC business rules for guidanceacqdemo
If the locality code isn’t changed, does the system just automatically correct his locality pay since he’s already at his new duty station?Best if you change the locality code too.acqdemo
What percent CRI do first year participants receive?The bargaining unit members will get 2.4% their first year provided they are in a …acqdemo
Do we have to wait to begin the CIP until after the employee(s) receive the rating?It is recommended to give the employee the results of the CCAS and then initiate …acqdemo
Are physicians able to participate in AcqDemo?Physicians are excluded from AcqDemo. From the 31 Aug Army Operating Guide: Army Organizational …acqdemo
Is it ok to move two NH-04 employees who retired on 29 Sep and 30 Sep to the transfer pool after end dating their record and providing the loss reason code?An employee who retired on 29 Sept – yes. He/She was not a member of …acqdemo
How does CAS2Net capture a temporary promotion if it was done prior to 1 October?The employee receives an assessment for work accomplished in his or her permanent position of …acqdemo
In the CMS Spreadsheet, do we have to set aside award dollars for this action?If the PEO needs funding to pay for the extra time-off, you should not redistribute …acqdemo
Can the beta 1 for CRI be set at the upper rail?Yes, it should be. Army uses the upper rail for both CRI and CA.acqdemo
What is the max Cash Award percentage we can use for the 2018 rating cycle?5%. REF: AcqDemo Funding Guidanceacqdemo
Will an employee who retires 30 September still receive a pay out from the pay pool?Retirement takes effect at 11:59 PM on the day of retirement, so the retiree is …acqdemo
How are the Supervisor and Team Lead differentials funded?The funding does not come from the Cash Award that is left over, so all …acqdemo
If a NH-04 non-supervisory takes a NH-04 Supervisory position, can their pay be increased to 15/01 if the person is below that?No, it cannot. Per, Basic pay adjustments within a broadband level is made only …acqdemo
Can the SAE approve a CCAS and a Non CCAS award or are these references one in the same?CCAS and Non-CCAS awards are different. CCAS awards apply towards the CA cap. Non-CCAS awards …acqdemo
Is there a reference that says only need “one day” as supervisor to rate the employee?The reference is the AcqDemo Federal Register – by omission. The federal Register specifically states …acqdemo
Is there a requirement in CCAS to have a Supervisor Level 2?No, no requirement to have a Supervisor 2.acqdemo
If an employee moves from an NK-02 position to an NH-02, are they eligible for an increase in salary?This move is considered a promotion because the NK-02 pay band has a max salary …acqdemo
What happens if a PPP match is made?The same thing that happens when a PPP match is made on a GS position. …acqdemo
How does 17 Jan 2017 DoD Policy and Procedures for Reductions in Force in the Civilian Workforce adversely impact SSC graduates who do not get a rating of record the year they begin school?No impact. (1) Rating of Record. An employee’s rating of record is the average of …acqdemo
Are GS employees who are on pay retention still eligible for pay retention when moving to AcqDemo?GS employees on pay retention who are moving to AcqDemo are still eligible for pay …acqdemo
My assumption is that the DoD AcqDemo OpGuide is still applicable to DCMA. Do you agree?The DoD AcqDemo OpGuide is applicable to the DCMA AcqDemo employees. The DCMA business rules …acqdemo
Will the score transfer to my new organization from the current organization?Only annual appraisals are scored. There is no scoring associated with a closeout appraisal.  acqdemo
Do I need to get a closeout evaluation prior to departure from the current organization?Your supervisor on Sept 30 can include your losing supervisor’s narrative in the annual appraisal.acqdemo
I have 3 new employees who came in Mar 19, 2018. Do they receive midpoints? If so, when should it be performed?These 3 employees can receive a mid-point at the natural half-way mark, i.e. ~end of …acqdemo
I will be working for the new organization less than 90 days, what would you recommend for close-out?AcqDemo closeout are different than TPAES closeouts. AcqDemo closeouts are used for transitions – when …acqdemo
Do we need to update the supervisor structure and salary prior to our conversion or after?The contractor will build employee records about 2 weeks after conversion based on the most …acqdemo
Is there a length of time (example 3 months) that the employee has to be working before a midpoint evaluation is made in AcqDemo?The only time requirement for employees in AcqDemo is to be on board by July …acqdemo
I have an employee who was out on extended Sick Leave from Dec 18, 2017 – April 11, 2018. Is a midpoint required to be completed for the Oct 1, 2017 – Mar 31, 2018 timeframe even though she was in the office for less than 3 month?The employee can receive a mid-point at the natural half-way mark, i.e. ~Early July.acqdemo
Will allocation for bonus pay increase by about 1% over the usual pot of money during the first year in AcqDemo?Funding for first year organization for CRI (salary increase) is 2.4% of base salaries of …acqdemo
Would their allotted pay increase be paid as a bonus in addition to their bonus pay?Any salary increase (CRI) earned is also paid as a lump sum.acqdemo
I have an employee who will be retiring on/about 2 January 2019 and wants to know the effect of their retirement date on their payout. Will those who were on the rolls at the end of the AcqDemo rating period (30 Sept) get their one-time bonus pay in January regardless of whether they retired before the actual payout or not?Per Army AcqDemo rules, everyone in the pay pool on 30 Sept gets their payout. …acqdemo
Can we assign a score below the ECR based on the idea that the supervisor is not setting the proper example as a leader?The Job Achievement and/or Innovation factor is the only factor that has expected contribution criteria …acqdemo
When setting pay for promotions from outside AcqDemo, can you confirm pay can be set between 0-20% of the employee’s current basic pay?When setting pay for promotions outside AcqDemo, pay can be set between 0-20% of the …acqdemo
How do I modify a contribution plan that has been approved?Only the supervisor can modify a contribution plan once it has been approved. The supervisor …acqdemo
Can an employee be reassigned non-competitively from an NK-03 to an NH-02?Chapter 5, 5.9.1 says going from an NK-03 to an NH-02 is a competitive movement …acqdemo
If an employee will receive a PAQL of “1,” what should (or what is expected) that the numerical score be for that category (-1, -2, -3)?A PAQL of “1” would most likely correlate to an OCS score below the Expected …acqdemo
Does that include the need to clear PPP’s?A one-day PPP clear still needs to be done.  acqdemo
If an organization wants to move a person from one control point to another, do they have to do an internal recruit action, which is internal to the organization and not through CPAC?Movement of an employee from one control point to another within the same BBL requires …acqdemo
Does the employee who left the organization do a closeout self-assessment while in the old organization and then an annual self-assessment in the new organization?The employee doing a closeout self-assessment while in the old organization and then an annual …acqdemo
I have an employee who is departing their current AcqDemo organization on 1 September and moving to another AcqDemo organization. Will they be able to participate in either the losing or the gaining organizations pay pool?The employee will participate in the gaining pay pool. The employee could complete the self-assessment …acqdemo
Can an employee receive a bonus if they were in AcqDemo a portion of the current FY, left for Private industry (or outside of AcqDemo), and came back after 3 July of the same FY?The employee must have entered AcqDemo for at least 90 consecutive days prior to EOY …acqdemo
Will it be reflected on CCAS rating of record?The PAQL is the rating of record.acqdemo
Will the PAQL be captured in CWB?The CMS that we receive for the FY18 Cycle will contain all the changes from …acqdemo
Will PAQL affect pay?PAQL is only used in case of a RIF and then it is used to …acqdemo
Do we need to complete a Post-Cycle Activity for an employee that received a temporary promotion?Since the temporary promotion will end 10 Oct 2018, which is before the January 2019 …acqdemo
Is section 4.11.3 for moves from the pay systems (GS) into AcqDemo that would be deemed a promotion action?This section is on non-competitive movements involving promotions. So, for GS to AcqDemo, you would …acqdemo
Clarification of section 4.11.3 of the Army Supplement to the DoD guide – is this section intended to be only for AcqDemo to AcqDemo moves?Section 4.11 is on non-competitive movements involving promotions and 4.11.3 is just for AcqDemo to …acqdemo
Does my LTC/O-5 need to sign my DA 4187?No. Your company commander can sign the 4187.51c-rec
Is 51C open to any MOS?Yes. 51C is open to any MOS. However, you may only apply if your MOS …51c-rec
Can I reenlist for MOS 51C?No. You must submit a reclassification packet through the proponent office and be selected for …51c-rec
What is the promotion potential for MOS 51C?Promotions are competitive, and current promotions from Sergeant First Class to Sergeant Major have normalized …51c-rec
I am a Non-acquisition supervisor (Civilian or Military) and require access to CAMP in order to approve IDPs/SRPE for my acquisition employees. How do I request a CAMP account?Please complete and submit the “Non-DACM Request” form at The application will require that …camp
With many FA51T positions recoded to FA51A positions on the MAPL, are acquisition officers still encouraged to become certified in the Testing and Evaluation ACF?IAW DA PAM 600-3, an officer is expected to develop functional expertise in a primary …officer
How many months of education can I count towards experience for certification and what are the guidelines?Up to 12 months of training or education in your primary ACF may be counted …officer
Why do I need to apply for Army Acquisition Corps (AAC) Membership?In order to be assigned to a FA51 LTC position or higher (Critical Acquisition Position), …officer
What is Regionalization and who is eligible?Regionalization is no longer in effect.officer
What is the difference between a Critical Acquisition Position (CAP) and a Key Leadership Position (KLP)?Per 10 USC Chapter 87 Section 1733, a Critical Acquisition Position may be filled only …officer
How do I apply for AAC Membership?Officers can request AAC membership once they meet all of the following requirements: A baccalaureate …officer
How do I become an Army Acquisition Officer (Active Component)?The primary method of entry to become an Army Acquisition officer is through the Voluntary …officer
How do I become an Army Reserve Acquisition Officer?Interested USAR officers, in the grades of captain through colonel, may apply for entry into …officer
If I am a non-Acquisition Corps officer, can I apply for certification?No. IAW DA PAM 600-3, unique functions performed by the Army acquisition workforce are based …officer
How do I obtain a certification waiver?Position certification must be obtained within 24 months of assignment to a position or a …officer
Can I count the same experience towards different ACF certifications?No, the same months of specialized experience used to obtain certification in one ACF may …officer
Do the certification standards change and if so, is my certification still valid?Yes, the certification standards can change. For the current certification requirements, see the DAU iCatalog …officer
How do I apply for certification?Active duty, US Army Reserve (USAR), and Army National Guard (ARNG) officers must request ACF …officer
Should I single track or concentrate certification in only one ACF?IAW DA PAM 600-3, acquisition officers are expected to achieve Level II certification in the …officer
What do I put for the Organizational Budget Information?The Organizational Budget information is the POC in your organization’s Resource Management Office; the person …slrp

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