Required DAWIA Training:
  • Defense Acquisition University Training
    The Defense Acquisition University provides mandatory, assignment-specific and continuing education courses for military and civilian acquisition personnel within DOD. Its mission is to provide a global learning environment to support a mission-ready defense acquisition workforce that delivers and sustains effective and affordable warfighting capabilities.
Senior Service College:
  • Senior Service College (SSC) Program
    The SSC Programs offer a unique opportunity for military and civilian members of the Army Acquisition Corps to gain advanced leadership training and experience specifically designed for senior leadership positions. Two SSC programs enable civilian and military personnel to attend together; other SSC programs are offered either solely to military personnel or solely to civilians. Courses are offered by several organizations, including The Eisenhower School, the Army War College, the Industrial College of the Armed Forces and the National War College.
Degree and Tuition Assistance Programs:
  • Advanced Civil Schooling (ACS)
    The ACS program provides opportunities for officers to pursue advanced degrees in acquisition and business-related disciplines at civilian universities on a full-time, fully funded basis. Participants are chosen through semi-annual selection boards, which are usually held in June and November, and should apply for the program roughly 6-12 months before the anticipated start date of classes.
Leader Development:
  • FA51 Leader Development Plan
    This end-to-end plan is designed to prepare newly accessed Acquisition officers—captains and majors—for assignment to any acquisition organization, and to develop them for positions of higher responsibility. The plan includes several components: the FA51 Professional Course, the Army’s core Intermediate Level Education and the FA 51 Intermediate Qualification Course on Acquisition Leadership.
  • AAC Training with Industry (TWI)
    TWI is a 10- to 12-month rotational opportunity for officers in grades O4 and O5 to work full time in a corporate setting, with the objective of bringing back the latest in commercial business practices, organizational structures, technology development and corporate management techniques to improve acquisition outcomes in future assignments. Participants in this highly selective program are placed in validated utilization assignments following their corporate assignment.
Officer Career Planning Steps: