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Updated: 2022


The Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System (AFATDS) provides fully automated support for planning, coordinating, controlling, and executing fires and effects such as mortars, field artillery cannons, rockets and missiles, close air support, attack aviation, and naval surface fire-support systems. AFATDS interoperates and integrates with more than 80 different battlefield systems, including Navy and Air Force command and control weapon systems and German, French, Turkish, and Italian fire-support systems.  

AFATDS is the primary command and control system for Long-Range Precision Fires Cross-Functional Team initiatives, such as Extended Range Cannon Artillery, Extended Range Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System, Precision Strike Missile Program, and Projectile Tracking System.  

AFATDS fuses the essential situational awareness data, intelligence information, and targeting data in near real-time to make effective targeting decisions that align with Mission Command guidance and priorities. It pairs targets to weapons to provide optimum use of fire-support assets and timely execution of fire missions. 


AFATDS provides the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps with automated fire-support command, control, and communications. It is used to plan, execute, and deliver lethal and nonlethal effects. AFATDS also provides joint/coalition situational awareness for fires execution and mission management. 


  • Windows software that runs on ruggedized laptop computer 


  • FY18: Modernization Program Under Development 
  • 2QFY20: AFATDS P2: Began Fielding 


  • 1QFY21: AFATDS 6.8.1.H (Hypersonics): Final release to the Army Hypersonic Project Office  
  • 2QFY22: AFATDS Projected Fielding
  • 4QFY23: AFATDS Projected Fielding
  • 2QFY24: AFATDS 7.0: (Under Development) Projected Fielding  

Acquisition Lifecycle Phase

Production & Deployment
Engineering & Manufacturing Development 


  • Leidos (Reston, VA)