Forward Area Air Defense Command and Control (FAAD C2)
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Forward Area Air Defense Command and Control (FAAD C2) software provides critical C2, situational awareness and automated air track information by integrating engagement operations software to support multiple missions, including:

  • Avenger
  • Counter-Rocket, Artillery, Mortar (C-RAM) Intercept Land-based Phalanx Weapon System
  • Army Counter-Unmanned Aircraft System
  • Maneuver Short Range Air Defense
  • U.S. Marine Corps (USMC) Mobile Aerial Defense Integrated System
  • Army Mission Command

FAAD C2 supports air defense and C-RAM weapon systems engagement operations by tracking friendly and enemy aircraft, cruise missiles, unmanned aircraft systems, and mortar and rocket rounds as identified by radar systems. The system also performs C2 engagement operations for Short Range Air Defense and C-RAM system-of-systems.

FAAD C2 uses the following communication systems:

  • Link 16
  • Link 11/11B
  • Joint Range Extension Application Protocol
  • Advanced Tactical Data Link
  • Dedicated Fire Control Networks

FAAD C2 provides an air picture to engagement and force operations via standard interfaces and based on data gathered from various sensors. FAAD C2 is integrated with the following sensor systems, including but not limited to:

  • AN/MPG-64 Sentinel
  • AN/TPQ-50 Lightweight Counter Mortar Radar
  • AN/TPQ-53 Counterfire Target Acquisition Radar
  • Ku-band Radio Frequency System Radar
  • Lightweight Surveillance Tracking and Acquisition Radar
  • Giraffe Agile Multi-Beam
  • Various electro-optical/infrared cameras

FAAD C2 provides joint C2 interoperability and horizontal integration with Army and USMC C2 and air defense
artillery systems.


FAAD C2 provides a real-time correlated air picture of the battlespace, with positive aircraft identification, for early detection, warning and response to forward deployed forces.


  • FAAD C2 is currently hosted on a SRNC-17 laptop computer and Dell 7212 tablet computer


1QFY16: Urgent Material Release (UMR) – FAAD v5.5C-2.2
2QFY16: Full Material Release (FMR) – FAAD v5.5C-2.0
3QFY16: UMR – FAAD v5.5C-2.3p1


  • UMR – FAAD v5.6A -1.0p1
  • FMR – FAAD C2 v5.5C-2.2p1


  • System Certification Testing – FAAD v5.6A-1.0p1.1
  • Army Interoperability Certification Testing – FAAD v5.6A-1.0p1.1

2QFY18: Joint Interoperability Certification – FAAD v5.6A-1.0p1
3QFY18: Full Software Release – FAAD C2 v5.5C-2.2p3


  • UMR – FAAD v5.6A-2.2
  • UMR – FAAD v5.6A-1.0p1.1 and v5.6A-1.0p3


1QFY19: FMR – FAAD v5.6A-1.0p1.1 and v5.6A-1.0p3
2QFY20: FMR – FAAD v5.6B-1.0
4QFY21: FMR – FAAD v5.6C-1.0
2QFY23: FMR – FAAD v5.6D-1.0

Foreign Military Sales

Australia and Egypt


  • Northrop Grumman (Redondo Beach, CA)