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The suite of Army Tactical Missile Systems (ATACMS) are 24/7, all-weather, surface-to-surface, inertially guided missiles used to engage targets in the corps/Army area of influence. ATACMS were used extensively in both Operation Desert Storm (1991) and in Operation Iraqi Freedom (2003) ground wars for shaping operations by the joint force, Joint Special Operations Forces and Army Land Component Command operational levels. There is one missile per launching assembly (missile pod) with two missiles per launcher load in the M270/ M270A1 Multiple-Launch Rocket System and one missile in the M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System launcher.

Targets include air defense artillery sites, surface-to-surface missile units, logistics sites, command and control complexes and helicopter forward operating bases.


ATACMS provides the warfighter the ability to engage both point and area high value targets with precision fires out to 300 km.


M39 Block I

  • Range: 25-165 km
  • Payload: 950 Anti-Personnel, Anti-Materiel (APAM) bomblets
  • Guidance: Inertial

M39A1 Block IA

  • Range: 70-300 km
  • Payload: 300 APAM bomblets
  • Guidance: Inertial with Global Positioning System (GPS) Aided

M48 Quick Reaction Unitary

  • Range: 70-300 km
  • Payload: Unitary Warhead
  • Guidance: Inertial with GPS Aided

M57 TACMS 2000 Unitary

  • Range: 70-300 km
  • Payload: Unitary Warhead
  • Guidance: Inertial with GPS Aided


4QFY17: Service Life Extension Program (SLEP) 1 Production Contract Award
2QFY18: ATACMS Unitary Height-of-Burst Operational Test #1 and #2 –White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico
3QFY18: SLEP 2 Production Contract Award


3QFY19: ATACMS Production Contract Award
3QFY20: ATACMS Production Contract Award
3QFY21: ATACMS Production Contract Award
3QFY22: ATACMS Production Contract Award
3QFY23: ATACMS Production Contract Award

Foreign Military Sales

FMS procurement programs are underway.


  • Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control (Grand Prairie, TX; Camden, AR)