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Updated: 2022



PEO Missiles and Space 

Acquisition Category: ACAT III

Acquisition Lifecycle Phase: Operations & Support



The Avenger Air Defense System is a lightweight, highly mobile, short-range, surface-to-air missile and gun weapon system mounted on an M1097 A1 High Mobility Multi­purpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV). Avenger is designed to counter hostile, low-flying Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), cruise missiles, rotary-wing aircraft, and fixed-wing aircraft. Avenger, operated by two crewmen, is capable of day, night, and adverse weather operations, can be transported by a UH-60L helicopter or C-130 aircraft, is air-droppable (M45 version), and can shoot on the move. The system can also be operated by remote control from a protected position up to 50 m away from the fire unit. The Avenger Fire Unit consists of two turret-mounted Stinger missile pods equipped to employ eight Stinger Missiles, .50 caliber M3P automatic machine gun, Forward Looking Infrared Receiver (FLIR) for day/night target tracking, Laser Range Finder (LRF) for establishing target range, as well as an Identification Friend-or-Foe (IFF) System that aids in the identification of friendly aircraft to minimize the potential for fratricide. The system is integrated into the Forward Area Air Defense Command and Control (FAAD C2) architecture. The Avenger comes in two variants — Basic and Slew-to Cue (STC) of which the digital STC enables faster target detection and engagement.

Fielded configurations include a basic Avenger (M47A1), STC Avenger (M47A2), an air-drop-capable Avenger (M45A1), Foreign Military Sales versions (M46A1 and M46A2), and a dismounted version used for Homeland Defense of the National Capital Region (M47A2). Fire units equipped with the STC upgrade are capable of automatically slewing to a specific target reported by the FAAD C2 system, placing it directly into the gunner’s field of view. Equipped with eight Stinger Missiles, Range: Stinger (more than 6 kilometers (km)); .50 caliber machine gun (more than 1 km); Day/Night Target Tracking (10 km), shoot on the move capability, and adverse weather capable. A portion of the fleet has digital STC to enable faster target detection and engagement.

On March 27, 2015, the Army Acquisition Executive approved the Modification Service Life Extension Program (MOD-SLEP) for the Avenger System. The MOD-SLEP addresses obsolescence challenges with Line Replaceable Units and compliance with Information Assurance requirements needed to ensure Avenger maintains operational capabilities and is sustainable through Fiscal Year 2031.


Avenger is highly mobile with shoot on the move capability and can be operated from a remoted position. The STC variant enables the gunner a time to launch on target of 17 seconds. More importantly, the MOD-SLEP will ensure the Soldier has the most current IFF and internal communication systems and is sustainable through the end of its useful life.


  • Mounted on a M1097 series HMMWV
  • Guidance: Advanced Proportional Navigation
  • Two-man crew
  • Two standard vehicle mounted launchers each holding a maximum of four stinger missiles
  • M3P 50 Cal Machine Gun is a secondary weapon for Self Defense and Stinger Dead Zone
  • Engagement: Basic load of 250 rounds
  • FLIR for Day/Night Target Acquisition and Magnified Target Identification
  • LRF for target engagement
  • IFF to reduce fratricide
  • Able to operate up to 50 m from vehicle with the Remote-Control Unit
  • FAAD C2 Capability Air Battle Situation Display and Messages


  • 2QFY19:
    • 72 M3P .50 Cal Machine Guns delivered to Germany to Support European Defense Initiative (European Defense Initiative)
    • Completed Air Traffic Control Radar Beacon System, Identification Friend or Foe, Mark XII/Mark XIIA Systems Certification
  • 3QFY19:
    • Mode 5 IFF Contract Awarded
    • Completed Avenger Log Demo
    • Completed the Mode 5 IFF Joint Interoperability Exercise; Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska
  • 4QFY19: Completed Mode 5 IFF First Article Inspection/First Article Testing
  • 1QFY20
    • Phase II Technical Manual Verification completed
    • Software Qualification Testing completed
  • 2QFY20: Successfully completed Army Interoperability Certification
  • 4QFY20
    • Avenger Fire Control Computer Production begins
    • Avenger Modification Work Order


  • 1QFY21: Materiel Release
  • 2QFY21: Hardware Fielding


Avenger is in service with U.S. Army (Active Component and National Guard) and FMS cases with the Government of Egypt.


Boeing (Huntsville, AL)