Tactical Network Transport On-the- Move
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Tactical Network Transport On-the-Move delivers a mobile, resilient, redundant tactical communications network. Combat vehicles integrated with mobile tactical network transport equipment provide robust network communications, mission command and situational awareness both on-the-move crossing austere battlefield locations and at-the-halt in stationary command posts.


Combat vehicles integrated with Tactical Network Transport On-the-Move communications, mission command and situational awareness allow commanders to lead from anywhere on the battlefield. Tactical Network Transport capability enables Soldiers operating in remote and challenging terrain to maintain voice, video and data communications, with connectivity rivaling that found in a stationary command post.


  • Tactical Communications Node (TCN) and Tactical Communications Node-Lite (TCN-L) provide the principal network backbone element and support command post operations. While at-the halt, the TCN is equipped with a 10 meter, extendable mast to improve line-of-sight connectivity and larger satellite assemblage for high throughput.
  • Point of Presence (PoP), installed on select combat platforms at division, brigade and battalion echelons, enables mobile mission command by providing on-the-move network connectivity, both line-of-sight and beyond-line-of-sight.
  • Soldier Network Extension (SNE), installed on select vehicles to provide on-the-move network communications, extends the network. Using its on-the-move satellite communication systems, the SNE can also be used to heal and extend remote tactical radio networks.
  • Vehicle Wireless Package (VWP), a communications package, provides remote connectivity to a TCN via a Local Access Waveform for command and control vehicles during at-the-halt and on-the move operations.
  • Network Operations and Security Center (NOSC) and NOSC-Lite (NOSC-L) provide network management and enhanced tactical network planning, administration, monitoring and response capabilities.



  • Fielding to Active Component Infantry and Stryker Brigade Combat Teams (BCTs) and division headquarters (HQs)
  • Successful development of TCN-L and NOSC-L for Fielding to Infantry BCTs
  • Decision to curtail procurement after FY18



  • Complete Fielding to Active Army Infantry and Stryker BCTs and division HQs


  • General Dynamics (Taunton, MA)
Tactical Network Transport On-the- Move