Communications Security (COMSEC)
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Communications Security (COMSEC) develops, tests, procures, fields and sustains cryptographic solutions to secure the Army’s network (tactical up through enterprise). New and emerging architectures, and Department of Defense and Army policy are driving the need to replace the current inventory with technologically advanced, network-centric, global-information-compliant devices. The new devices will incorporate Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Joint Requirements Oversight Council-directed cryptographic standardization, Key Management Infrastructure and network-centric performance capabilities.


COMSEC enables the Army to equip the force with critical cryptographic solutions and services during peacetime, wartime and contingency operations.


  • Inline Network Encryptor Family: Encryption systems provide secure data and voice communications over Internet Protocol (IP) networks
  • Link and Trunk Encryptor Family: Encryption systems provide secure data and voice communication over point-to-point wideband data links
  • Secure Voice Family: Encryption systems provide secure voice and limited data communications over unsecured IP and public-switched telephone networks
  • Inline Media Encryptor Family: Encryption systems provide secure data encryption capabilities for data at rest
  • Embedded Cryptographic Modernization Initiative: Retrofit of existing systems with embedded cryptographic capability ensures that they will be able to accept and utilize modern keying material; commercial solutions for classified commercially available products that when used together in a layered fashion are approved by the National Security Agency for protecting classified information


FY16-FY17: Continued Procurement and Fielding of COMSEC Encryption Modernization Hardware

  • Embedded COMSEC Modernization Production Request for Proposal (RFP)
  • KOV-21 Replacement Cryptographic Card Production and Support Services RFP


FY19: Next Generation Load Device Development

  • Embedded Crypto Modernization Initiative Production Decision
  • Army Key Management Infrastructure Small Contract Award


  • General Dynamics Communication Systems (Needham, MA)
  • Harris Corp. (Palm Bay, FL)
  • L3 Communications (Camden, NJ)
  • SafeNet (Columbia, MD)
  • ViaSat, Inc. (Carlsbad, CA)